Carnival break with kids in Belgium

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When it comes to planning family activities for spring break, Belgium offers a variety of options that are sure to please everyone. From carnival events to Venetian parades, and kids-friendly museums to water parks, Belgium has something for everyone.

Carnival in Belgium

Carnival events are a great way to get the whole family involved in the festivities. From the annual Carnival of Binche with its colorful processions, to the Malmedy Carnival with its vibrant floats and costumes, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the lively atmosphere of the spring season.

Venetian parades are another popular option for families looking to celebrate spring. These events involve colorful floats, music, and dancing, making them a great way to add a touch of culture to the festivities.

Kids-friendly museums are another great way to get the whole family involved in the festivities. From the Children’s Museum to Choco-story Brussels, Belgium has plenty of options for families looking to learn something new.

Water parks can also be a great way for families to spend their spring break. With water slides, pools, and other fun activities, water parks are sure to be a hit with the kids.

For those looking to get outdoors, there are plenty of outdoor activities in nature to enjoy. From hiking trails to breathtaking viewpoints, Belgium is a great place to take in the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful spring season.

Finally, day trips to Dinant and De Haan can be a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and explore Belgium’s countryside. From Dinant’s medieval architecture to De Haan’s sandy beaches, these locations offer plenty of opportunities for families to enjoy their time together.

No matter what your family is looking for, Belgium has plenty of options for a memorable spring break. With carnival events, Venetian parades, kids-friendly museums, water parks, outdoor activities in nature, and day trips to Dinant and De Haan, there’s something for everyone to enjoy during the spring in Belgium.

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Carnival events

Venetian parade at Château d’Hélécine

Venetian parade at Château d’Hélécine, a great provincial domain with playgrounds, farm animals, jumping castles, and more! It makes for a nice plan for any sunny day. This is a great carnival event to attend with kids in Belgium!

When: 26.02.2023
More info here

Venetian parade at Floralia

Floralia has a Venetian parade every year – which is a gorgeous spectacle by the castle and among the tulips. You can take a look at our post on Floralia from previous years

When: 01.04-04.05.2023
More info here

Floralia Brussels 2023

Experience the beauty of Groot-Bijgaarden castle during the springtime Floralia exhibit. Here are practical tips for your family visit

Carnival with kids in Belgium: All you need to know!

Read on for more kids-friendly carnival events, where to buy costumes (and some cute ones) and tips for enjoying carnival with kids in Belgium!

Carnival in Belgium is a family-friendly event that is celebrated in many cities throughout the country. It is a great opportunity to enjoy some fun and exciting activities with kids every year. From parades and costume parties to live music and traditional food, there is something for everyone in this vibrant and colorful carnival. Read on for kids-friendly carnival events, where to buy costumes (and some cute ones), and tips for enjoying carnival with kids in Belgium!

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Indoor activities

Lego Discovery Center

Lego Discovery Center in Brussels is one of the sure bets that the kids are going to have lots of fun! Read the full post for more photos and practical tips

Go as early as possible, it can get crowded during school holidays as it’s a rather small place

Get tickets here

Ludothèque Ixelles (toy library)

At Ludothèque Ixelles kids can play and rent toys. They can also find costumes to borrow for the carnival! This is an amazing place for toddlers and preschoolers.

Good to know
There is an annual subscription, it’s EUR 10 and it’s worth it if you live nearby!

Plopsa Indoor Hasselt

Plopsa Indoor Hasselt

Plopsa Indoor Hasselt is an indoor family-friendly amusement park. Read on for practical tips to plan ahead your visit with kids

Plopsa Indoor Hasselt is a fun indoor amusement park with an outdoor section in case you get good weather. Read our full post for more practical tips

Get tickets here



An interactive and fun science center for kids with cool shows and demonstrations. This is easily one of the best indoor activities for kids!

Technopolis is a science museum where kids will fall in love with learning! It is lots of fun and educative at the same time. It is also perfect for younger kids, as there is a toddler section. This has always been a favorite

Get tickets here

Children’s Museum

Children’s Museum

The Children’s Museum is a great place for kids with workshops and so many things to learn and have fun with. There is also an outdoor playground at the park Jadot, where the museum is situated

The Children’s Museum is essentially an indoor playground with workshops for kids 5+ years old, like baking and crafts. We highly recommend this if your kids can do the workshops! Read the full post here to get an idea of what to expect

No reservation is needed

Choco-story Brussels

Choco-story Brussels

If you find yourself in the “Chocolate Capital of the World”, then you have to visit Choco-story. It is lots of fun end educative for kids. The highlight is the live demonstration with a master chocolatier

Choco-story is a great way to introduce kids to the history of chocolate. It is right next to Manneken Pis in Brussels – a perfect stop after admiring the Grand Place! Read our full post with photos and practical details here

Get tickets here

Illusion Brussels

Illusion Brussels is fun for kids 5+ years old (it could be fun for kids that are 3 or 4 years old, but they wouldn’t get the most out of it). Very close to Grand Place as well

Get tickets here

Best indoor playgrounds in Brussels and around

Looking for an indoor playground in Brussels and around? Take a look in our post on the best indoor playgrounds in Brussels and around! There is a separate section with indoor play areas for toddlers and preschoolers only!

Looking for more indoor playgrounds? Take a look on the map for indoor playgrounds all over Belgium and around!

Best kids-friendly cafés

Looking for a cozy café where you can enjoy your coffee while watching the kids playing? Look no further! Here is a guide on the best kids-friendly cafés in Brussels and around!

Looking for more cafés with a play area in Belgium and in other countries? Take a look on the map!

Temporary events

Great Art for Great Kids

When: 09.12.2022-05.03.2023 (open Thursday to Sunday)
See more details here
Find tickets here

Anima Festival

When: 17-26.02.2023
See more details here

Where to enjoy water


Plopsaqua is an indoor water park with a toddler section, a section that is perfect for kids 3-9 years old and water slides

Get tickets here

Are you interested in more water parks? See our full guide Where to enjoy water in Belgium


Espadon is the communal pool of Etterbeek and it has a small toddler section in the back

See here for more info (no need to reserve)

Are you interested in more indoor pools with play area? See our full guide Where to enjoy water in Belgium

Where to enjoy water in Belgium

Are you interested in more water parks?

See our full guide on where to enjoy water in Belgium here with
*water parks,
*indoor and outdoor pools with play areas,
*water playgrounds,
*splash pads and
*where to kayak

Outdoor activities


Provincial Domain Huizingen

Provincial Domain Huizingen is one of the most beloved ones and closest to Brussels. Playgrounds, mini cars, trampolines, farm animals, forest, outdoor pools for kids, even a little train to take you around the domain: It has everything!

Huizingen is one the best provincial domains close to Brussels and one of the best to visit in the spring because of its rock garden. The playgrounds and farm animals keep the kids busy

The best provincial domains near Brussels

Best provincial domains close to Brussels

A provincial domain is an oasis for families. Lots of green, playgrounds, cafés… Some have farm animals and some have kids friendly swimming pools too. All places mentioned below are about half an hour from Brussels – and it’s really worth the drive!

Here are the best provincial domains near Brussels! These are all fun outdoor activities that are perfect for families


Vossenhol Bertem speelbos

A path with play structures in the forest and an open space with a sandpit that is perfect for a picnic

Vossenhol is a small play area in the forest near Brussels. If the weather is good, this is a fun way to combine nature and for kids to enjoy the forest

This is not a playground, it is rather some play structures in the forest and the goal is primarily to enjoy nature and secondarily for kids to play with the play structures. If you are looking for nice playgrounds, then check our guide on the best provincial domains near Brussels

Rouge Cloître 

Rouge Cloître

Rouge Cloitre is one of the best outdoor places close to Brussels for families to enjoy a day out near Brussels

Rouge Cloître is one of the best options to enjoy nature near Brussels with forest, playgrounds, and farm animals



This is a real gem! Fun and educational park, full of playgrounds and activities

Chlorophylle is a real gem in the Ardennes. Along the path, you encounter playgrounds and educational resources in the forest. It is a bit further away from Brussels, and it makes for a fun outdoor trip. Read our full post with lots of photos and practical details here

Railbikes of Molignée

Railbikes of Molignée

Riding a railbike through the Molignée valley is so much fun with kids – especially if you add the Maredsous abbey!!

The railbikes of Molignée are one of the most fun outdoor activities we have had in Belgium! You pedal your railbike along abandoned tracks and then you go to Maredsous abbey for lunch – there’s a playground at the restaurant too!

Belgian coast

De Haan

De Haan is one of the most charming seaside resorts along the Belgian coast. Read our full guide with practical tips to plan ahead and kids-friendly hotels (with indoor water park!)



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