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We are a World Wild Schooling family

We love traveling and we enjoy spending time in nature with our two kids!

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How it all started

A bit about us — we started World Wild Schooling because we wanted to go on adventures with our family, but we had no idea where. When we started telling our friends, we realized we weren’t the only ones, so we jumped in!

It all started in February 2020. We set up a group to organize adventures with other families. And then you know what happened in March 2020.

Since we were not allowed to meet with our new friends anymore due to the pandemic, we started sharing our own adventures to help others.

Eventually the group started asking us to put everything together on a map. The World Wild Schooling Map was born!



All places mentioned above are also gathered on the map!
Indoor and outdoor activities, kids friendly cafés/ restaurants, hotels and more all under separate layers


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