Lac de Bambois

Go swimming, have fun at the play structures in the gardens, have an ice cream by the lake and enjoy a family game – you can easily spend the day at Lac du Bambois without getting bored!

Schuur van Tuur

This is not just a kids friendly farm. This is a paradise for kids at a farm! Tractors and balance bikes, sandpit and trampolines, straw course and blueberry muffins..


The “Garden of Europe” is one of the largest and most impressive flower gardens in the world with over 7 million tulips spanning over the 32-acre park. It’s also fun for kids with a small playground and some farm animals. Open between March and May every year

La Ferme du Planois

A wondeful kids friendly farm with a playground, a shop with fresh products and a cottage to spend the night!


The capital of Greece is a lively city full of history and character. Athens is of course considered the birthplace of Western civilization and the Acropolis is not to be missed – but there are tons of other things to see and enjoy with kids as well!


A fun and educative science museum dedicated on water – perfect for kids!

House of European History

Dive into European history visiting this modern museum that offers lots of kids friendly corners


Corfu is a cosmopolitan island in the Ionian Sea. The Old Town is magnificent and there are plenty of things to see, nice beaches and attractions for kids

Zoo Lille

Zoo Lille is situated right next to the Cita-Parc, a small and fun attraction park. As both are quite small, it is easy to visit both in one day


Hiking along the river, passing by small waterfalls and bridges..

Cita Lille

Cita is a small and fun attraction park in Lille. It is situated right next to the Zoo Lille. As both are quite small, it is easy to visit both in one day


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