As a family with a passion for travel, we have had the pleasure of exploring various European countries with our kids.

From France to Italy, Greece to Germany and Spain, we have compiled guides on the best things to do with kids and the best kids-friendly hotels in each country. Not only will you find recommendations for family-friendly activities, but also insights into the rich culture and history of each destination.

Ready for castles, chocolate, and exciting adventures? Let’s take a trip to Europe, where history and fun blend perfectly!

Paris, France – The City of Lights

Paris is all about romance, art, and yummy croissants!

  • Eiffel Tower: Climb up and see the city from the top!
  • Louvre Museum: Spot the famous Mona Lisa and ancient mummies.
  • Crepe Stands: Try a delicious French pancake with chocolate or fruit.

Rome, Italy – Ancient Wonders

Rome lets you travel back to the times of gladiators and emperors!

  • Colosseum: The place where gladiators battled.
  • Pasta: Eat yummy spaghetti and pizza in its homeland.
  • Trevi Fountain: Toss a coin and make a wish!

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London, UK – The Royal City

Double-decker buses, guards in funny hats, and giant clocks!

  • Big Ben: The big clock tower that chimes every hour.
  • Tower of London: Discover the secrets of kings and queens.
  • Afternoon Tea: Sip tea and munch on mini sandwiches and cakes.

Barcelona, Spain – Beaches & Art

  • Sagrada Familia: A giant church with colorful windows and tall towers.
  • Magic Fountain: Watch the dancing waters light up at night.
  • Paella: A yummy rice dish with seafood or chicken.

Discover what to do in Barcelona with family! Find cool places, activities, and easy tips to make the most out of your family trip to Barcelona.

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Athens, Greece – Legends & Labyrinths

  • Acropolis: An ancient hill with old temples and great views.
  • Mythology: Hear tales of gods, goddesses, and heroic adventures.
  • Souvlaki: Delicious skewers of grilled meat with pita bread.

In this guide, you will find what to do in Athens with family, where to stay and practical tips to help you plan ahead your family visit.

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Brussels, Belgium – Waffles & Comics

  • Grand-Place: A big square surrounded by gold-decorated buildings.
  • Belgian Waffles: Eat these sweet treats with chocolate and strawberries.
  • Comic Book Route: Spot big murals of famous comic characters on walls.

Wondering what to do in Brussels with family? We’ve got you covered! Here are the best things to do, where to stay and practical tips from a local!

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Venice, Italy – Canals & Gondolas

  • Gondola Ride: Float on waterways in a traditional wooden boat.
  • St. Mark’s Square: Feed pigeons and climb the bell tower.
  • Gelato: Creamy Italian ice cream in many flavors.

Discover what to do in Venice with family, where to stay and what you need to know before your visit!

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Amsterdam, Netherlands – Bikes & Tulips

  • Canals: Take a boat tour around the city’s waterways.
  • Windmills: See these old-fashioned wind machines up close.
  • Cheese Markets: Try different types of Dutch cheese.

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg – Castles & Forests

  • Casemates: Underground tunnels used in old wars.
  • Palace of the Grand Dukes: A grand building where royals live.
  • Nature Trails: Walk in green parks and spot playful squirrels.

Explore what to do in Luxembourg with family and where to stay. The world’s only sovereign grand duchy is unexpectedly charming!

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Fun Facts

  • Languages: Europe has many languages! From French to Greek to Swedish.
  • History: Europe is home to both ancient ruins and modern cities.
  • Fairy Tales: Many of your favorite fairy tales, like Cinderella, come from Europe.

Madrid, Spain – Sun & Fun

Bright sun, exciting dances, and lots of energy!

  • Flamenco: Watch a thrilling dance with fancy footwork and colorful dresses.
  • Churros: Dunk these sweet sticks into thick hot chocolate.
  • Royal Palace: Wander around rooms filled with golden decorations.

Berlin, Germany – Walls & Waffles

Berlin has stories of old wars and new beginnings.

  • Berlin Wall: See colorful art on a wall that once split the city.
  • Pretzels: Try this twisty bread with mustard or butter.
  • Brandenburg Gate: A big gate that stands for peace and unity.

Lisbon, Portugal – Hills & Tiles

  • Tram 28: Ride this yellow tram up and down the city’s hills.
  • Tile Art: See buildings decorated with colorful ceramic tiles.
  • Bacalhau: A tasty fish dish loved by locals.

Tips for Young Travelers

  • Money: Each country might have its own money. Euros are used in many places.
  • Hello: Learn to say “hello” in the local language. It’s fun!
  • Public Transport: Trains and buses can take you everywhere. Don’t forget your ticket!
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