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Ready to take a festive tour with twinkling lights, mulled wine, and unique gifts? Let’s go on a journey to explore the best Christmas markets around the world!


Discover the best European Christmas markets. Read on to explore magical Christmas markets and find your perfect holiday destination!

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Cologne offers several amazing Christmas markets, each one is better than the other! Read on for practical tips on visiting the Cologne Christmas market.

  • Cathedral Christmas Market: Set against the majestic Cologne Cathedral, known for its impressive crafts and foods.
  • Neumarkt Christmas Market: The oldest in Cologne, offering a more traditional experience.

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Explore the Dusseldorf Christmas markets with us! From the Ferris wheel to Shadow Markt, here are all practical details you need to know to plan your visit.

  • Marktplatz Christmas Market: Offers traditional crafts and a giant Ferris wheel nearby for stunning views.
  • Altstadt Market: Known for its colorful stalls that resemble old houses.

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Visit the Aachen Christmas Market for a festive blend of traditional crafts, festive treats, and the historical backdrop of Aachen’s Cathedral.

  • Aachen Christmas Market: Near the famous Cathedral, this market is known for its printen, a kind of gingerbread.

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Discover the Monschau Christmas market, known for its unique homemade goods and warm, festive atmosphere in Germany’s picturesque setting.

  • Monschau Christmas Market: A small, charming market known for its homemade goods and warm, inviting atmosphere.

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  • Christkindlesmarkt: Famous for its handmade ornaments and gingerbread.
  • Toy Museum: A magical place full of toys, perfect for kids.


  • Striezelmarkt: One of the oldest markets, known for its stollen (fruit bread).
  • Winter Lights of Dresden: A dazzling light display throughout the city.



Step into a winter wonderland at the Brussels Christmas Market. Enjoy festive lights and ice skating in the heart of Europe with tips from a local!

  • Winter Wonders: A huge event with a Christmas market, ice rink, and a dazzling light and sound show.

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  • Christmas Market Antwerp: Explores the city’s streets and squares, offering a mix of shopping, food, and entertainment.


  • Ghent Winter Festival: Offers a beautiful light display and a range of stalls in a historic setting.


  • Bruges Christmas Market: Set in the medieval city center with an ice rink and numerous gift stalls.


Explore Hasselt Christmas Market for festive joy, with ice skating, local crafts, and fun rides for everyone in this charming winter setting.

  • Winterland Hasselt: Known for its large Ferris wheel, outdoor bars, and numerous stalls.

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Explore Lille Christmas market for fun rides, cool shops, and tasty treats in a beautiful French town square full of holiday cheer.

  • Lille Christmas Market: Set in the beautiful town square with a giant Ferris wheel and a variety of festive shops.

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  • Christkindelsmärik: Renowned as the capital of Christmas with its stunning decorations.
  • Alsatian Food Stalls: Indulge in delicious local treats like baeckeoffe.


  • Tuileries Garden Market: A picturesque market with a Ferris wheel.
  • Notre-Dame Christmas Market: Handcrafted items and French delicacies.



Discover an original Christmas market in a cave in Valkenburg, Netherlands. Read on for practical details to plan your visit.

  • Municipal Cave Christmas Market: Hosted in the extensive Municipal Cave, there are Christmas decorations everywhere.
  • Velvet Cave Christmas Market: Alongside the market, the cave features historical murals and sculptures.
  • Gifts and Souvenirs: A perfect place to find unique gifts that capture the essence of a traditional Dutch Christmas.

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Luxembourg City

Visit the Luxembourg Christmas Market for a fun mix of tasty food, crafts and bright lights in a festive holiday setting in the heart of Luxembourg.

  • Place d’Armes Market: With its lively atmosphere, it’s the central hub for holiday celebrations in Luxembourg, with a mix of traditional crafts, delicious local foods, and lights and decorations.

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North America

United States

New York City

  • Bryant Park Winter Village: Offers a free ice-skating rink and artisanal shops.
  • Union Square Holiday Market: Known for unique gifts and local crafts.


  • Christkindlmarket: A traditional German-style market in the heart of the city.
  • Lincoln Park Zoo Lights: A festive light show in an enchanting setting.



  • Toronto Christmas Market: Set in the historic Distillery District.
  • Nathan Phillips Square: Hosts a holiday fair and an outdoor skating rink.

Quebec City

  • German Christmas Market: Blends European charm with Canadian hospitality.
  • Old Quebec: Transforms into a picturesque winter wonderland.




  • Roppongi Hills Christmas Market: A blend of Japanese and German traditions.
  • Tokyo Midtown Illumination: An awe-inspiring light display.


  • Sapporo White Illumination: A winter festival with stunning light sculptures.
  • German Christmas Market in Sapporo: Offers traditional crafts and foods.

South Korea


  • Seoul Christmas Festival: Light displays along the Cheonggyecheon Stream.
  • Myeongdong Market: A bustling area with festive decorations and street food.

Tips for Market Adventurers

  • Dress Warmly: Many markets are outdoors, so bundle up!
  • Try Local Delicacies: Each market has unique foods and drinks to offer.
  • Souvenir Shopping: Look for handmade gifts to take home a piece of your journey.
  • Enjoy the Lights: Take time to appreciate the beautiful holiday light displays.

Are you visiting Christmas markets with family? Then these tips on how to visit Christmas markets with kids will help you be prepared.

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