Rouge Cloître

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Rouge Cloître 🌿🌿🌿

-Entry to the Sonian forest, so it’s a real forest 🥰
-Many trails and cabanes
-Big lake to walk around
-Farm animals between the art center and the playgrounds
-Two playgrounds (recently renovated, one big sandpit and a wooden boat)
-Zip line
-New parcours and more structures are being added
-Pop up bar in the summer
-It can get very crowded when the schools aren’t working
-Easily accessible by public transport from Brussels
-Only 15′ drive from Schuman, Brussels

Where to park:
1. For the forest and the playgrounds you can park here (about 15 places):
Rue du Rouge-Cloître, 1160 Auderghem
(You enter Rue du Rouge-Cloître from point 2. below)
2. For the forest you can park around here and walk:
Dropped pinNear 1160 Auderghem
3. For the playgrounds you can park here (5′ walk to the playground, many places but still difficult to find one on weekends):
Dropped pin Near Waversesteenweg 1854, 1160 Oudergem
4. If you’re interested only in the forest, then you can park here (only 5-6 places available though):
Dropped pinNear Auderghem
5. Only for the forest, there’s a few parking places here too, next to Avenue de Tervueren:
Dropped pinNear Auderghem

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