Vossenhol Bertem speelbos

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Vossenhol Bertem speelbos

-A path with play structures in the forest and an open space with a sandpit that is perfect for a picnic
-New structures have been added, we were there to attest it 🙂
-Natural play structures with wood and ropes, also a slide!
-The speelbos is about 5 hectares, so lots of fun
-There is a shed for bicycles at the open part
-There is also shelter at the open part (open at the sides, better than nothing!)
-Stroller friendly, wheelchair friendly (paved path at the open part that is wheelchair accessible)
-There is also the signposted walk in Bertem that passes from the open part of the speelbos (the photos in the fields are from a part of that walk, also map in the last pics)
-The start of the forest path with the play structures is here:
50°52’25.3″N 4°36’41.0″E
Meerbeek, 3078 Kortenberg
-Alternatively, you can go from the bigger parking place first to the open part of the playground and then visit the forest part
-The open playground part of the speelbos is here:
Speelbos ‘t Vossenhol
Eikenbos Bertem, 3060 Bertem
-There is parking with one place for people with disabilities right next to the start of the trail and a bigger parking place for everyone a bit further away
-Just 20 minutes drive E of Schuman, Brussels (also accessible by public transport, you will need to walk about 20 minutes from Bertem)

Vossenhol parking
(Bigger parking place for everyone)
3060 Bertem

Parking forest playground ‘t Vossenhol
(One place for people with disabilities next to the start of the forest trail)
Heerbaan, 3060 Bertem

Parking Gemeenteplein Bertem
(About 20 minutes walk to Vossenhol speelbos)
Gemeenteplein, 3060 Bertem

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