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Best Provincial Domains in Belgium

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Belgium is not just cities and towns. It’s also home to fun places for families: the best provincial domains in Belgium!

Provincial domains are big parks where kids can play at awesome playgrounds, some have animals 🐄, parents can enjoy a drink ☕, and everyone can have fun outside 🚴‍♂️

If you’re asking, “Where are these cool parks in Belgium?” you’re in the right place!

Check out this guide to find the best provincial domains in Belgium. We’ve also got tips to help you have the best time when you visit.

Hope you and your family have lots of fun! 🌳🎈👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

What Is a Provincial Domain?

A provincial domain (in French, it’s “domaine provincial” and in Dutch, it’s “provinciedomein”) is a kind of park in Belgium. Provinces take care of these parks. Each one has cool activities for families, like big playgrounds, small cars to ride, animals to see, and places to play in the water.

Best Provincial Domains in Belgium

There are several provincial domains in Belgium. All have playgrounds and a cafe right to the playground (yay!). Some have farm animals, others have swimming lakes or water playgrounds.

They are all worth spending at least half a day with the family. Read on to discover the best provincial domains in Belgium..

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Provincial Domain Hofstade

Hofstade is one of the most popular provincial domains and for good reasons; there is a lake for swimming with a playground on its beach and a café, also many playgrounds for all ages and a café next to them as well. There is also an inflatable aquapark! All these just 20 minutes away from Brussels!

Read more: Hofstade

Provincial Domain De Nekker

De Nekker offers a lake to swim and a water playground! And also playgrounds for all ages, an indoor pool and more

The water playground at De Nekker is better for toddlers than the one at Kessel-Lo, as it’s shallow.

Read more: De Nekker

Provincial Domain Halve Maan

Halve Maan is one of the best provincial domains: playgrounds, animals, mini cars, mini golf, kayaks, pedal boats and a huge, shallow outdoor pool with a playground for kids (and waterslides!)

Read more: Halve Maan

Provincial Domain Kessel-Lo

Kessel-Lo has an amazing new water playground and an outdoor heated pool. The other playgrounds are great too and there are some farm animals as well

Read more: Kessel-Lo


Provincial Domain Huizingen is one of the most beloved ones and closest to Brussels. Playgrounds, mini cars, trampolines, farm animals, forest and a rock garden, even a little train to take you around the domain: it has everything!

Read more: Huizingen

De Schorre

Go troll hunting in the forest! Thomas Dambo, based in Denmark, makes these trolls out of recycled materials. Searching for them is tons of fun! There is also a playground, a café/restaurant right next to it, a barefoot path and more.

Read more: De Schorre

Bois des Rêves

Bois des Rêves means forest of dreams in French – and it is exactly that for kids! It offers a great playground for all ages, a forest and a café by the lake. All these just half an hour away from Brussels.

Read more: Bois des Rêves

Château d’Hélécine

Playgrounds, jumping castles, a lake, animals, restaurants, puppet show – Château d’Hélécine is a great place to spend time with your family!

Read more: Château d’Hélécine

Provincial Domain De Lilse Bergen

De Lilse Bergen is a great place with a lake for outdoor swimming and lots of playgrounds by the lake

Read more: De Lilse Bergen

Domain Tivoli

Domain Tivoli

Park with a petting zoo, playground and a castle; great for younger kids!

Domain Tivoli has a big toddler area and a kids farm. It’s perfect for younger kids!

Read more: Domain Tivoli

Provincial Domain Zilvermeer

There are so many playgrounds in Zilvermeer! You can swim in the lake, play at the water playground right next to it or enjoy the water slides

Read more: Zilvermeer

Provincial Domain De Steer

De Ster has a lake where you can swim, water slides, an inflatable aquapark. There is also a big playground and a petting zoo. The huge air trampoline is pretty cool too!!

Read more: De Ster

Provincial Domain Blaarmeersen

At Blaarmeersen you can swim in the lake, have fun at the water slides or at the playground next to the water. There is also a separate small lake for younger kids

Read more: Blaarmeersen

Provincial Domain De Gavers Harelbeke

You find awesome playgrounds and you can swim in the lake in the summer at De Gavers Harelbeke!

Read more: De Gavers

Provincial Domain Chevetogne

Chevetogne is a vast domain of 600 hectares with playgrounds, sports facilities, forests, lakes, gardens, a farm for kids.. There are also outdoor swimming pools.

Read more: Chevetogne

Provincial Domain Puyenbroeck

Puyenbroeck is a provincial domain with indoor and outdoor swimming pool, playgrounds for all ages and a lake. There is also a fun water playground!

Read more: Puyenbroeck


Bokrijk has a huge playground! The Open Air Museum and the Arboretum are also worth a visit. Don’t miss Cycling through Water!

Read more: Bokrijk


Brielmeersen is a park with animals and a playground. It’s smaller than the other provincial domains in this list, but still fun with little ones.

Read more: Brielmeersen

De Averegten

De Averegten has a playground with a cafe next to it, as all provincial domains. What sets it apart is a great natural playground – if your kids love playing in mud, this is the right spot! There’s also a tractor kids can ride, another hit!

Read more: De Averegten


What Are the Best Provincial Domains near Brussels?

The best provincial domains near Brussels are Huizingen, Hofstade, De Schorre, Bois des Rêves, Kessel-Lo, De Nekker and Château d’Hélécine. While they are all worth a visit, they are also different from each other.
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In Which Provincial Domains Can You Swim?

You can swim in several provincial domains, such as the lake in Hofstade and De Nekker or the swimming pool in Kessel-Lo.
Read more: Where to Enjoy Water in Belgium

Which Provincial Domains Are Best for Toddlers?

All provincial domains have toddler playgrounds, so they are all suitable for all ages.

Here are our favorite provincial domains for toddlers:
Zilvermeer has a big toddler area, but is far from Brussels. De Nekker has a big and shallow water playground perfect for toddlers. Tivoli has a big toddler area and a kids farm. Château d’Hélécine has farm animals.

Which Provincial Domains Are Best for Older Kids?

All provincial domains have playgrounds for older kids, so they are all suitable for all ages.

Here are our favorite provincial domains for older kids:
De Schorre – don’t miss troll hunting and the barefoot path there. Hofstade has a big selection of playgrounds and a playground on the beach. Zilvermeer has tons of playgrounds and water slides. Lilse Bergen has great playgrounds. Chevetogne has tons of playgrounds, water playgrounds and is a huge domain.


Best Provincial Domains Near Brussels

Read on for the best provincial domains within half an hour from Brussels and practical tips on how to visit to make the most out of it

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Brussels with Kids

Here are the best things to do in Brussels with kids, where to stay and practical tips from a local to make the most out of it!

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Indoor Playgrounds in Brussels and Around

Here are the best indoor playgrounds in Brussels and around. You will also find a section with indoor play areas suitable for toddlers at the end of the post.

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Best Kid-Friendly Cafes in Brussels

Here are the best kid-friendly cafes in Brussels and around.

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