Cycling through water

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Cycling through water

-Highly recommended ❤️
-‘Cycling through water’ has been recommended as one of 100 World’s Greatest Places by Time
-Situated in the biggest lake area of Belgium
-212m path crossing a lake
-Dipping in deeper into the lake until you’re cycling at eye level with the water
-Part of 2,000km network of cycling trails in Limburg-Bring bikes 😍
-The bike renting place is closed for now

-Due to the pandemic, Cycling through water is only possible to be done in one direction. You can check the route in the link below or you can see the last pic.

-You can park at Parking 1, next to the huge playground, then walk (the whole walk back and forth is about 3km)
-Or park at Parking 2, which is in the middle between the Cycling in water path and the playground (but then you’re far from the playground when it’s time to leave)
-Part of provincial domain Bokrijk – see link for more info on the huge playground, the Open Air Museum and the arboretum:
-About one hour drive from Schuman, Brussels – the cycling path and the playground are well worth the trip 🥰

Bokrijk Parking 1
Craenevenne 121, 3600 Genk

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