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De Lilse Bergen

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Picture this. You’re surrounded by the blissful sounds of nature and the gleeful laughter of your kids as they splash in a beautiful lake. Welcome to the Provincial Domain Lilse Bergen.

Lake for swimming

This spot is a family-fun utopia. You’re greeted by two amazing lakes. The larger lake offers a refreshing dip on a warm summer day, ideal for adults and confident little swimmers.

Water Playground

But hey, don’t worry if your kiddos are still mastering swimming. The smaller lake is just perfect for them. It’s like a giant paddling pool where they can make a splash and cool down.

World Wild Schooling - De Lilse Bergen -


Playgrounds, you ask? You bet! Lilse Bergen is a children’s dream, with numerous playgrounds scattered around the small lake. From swings to slides, there’s something to keep every age group entertained.

For the little ones, there’s even a toddler playground equipped with a baby swing.

The older kids haven’t been forgotten either. There are a couple of zip lines to test their nerve and a massive seesaw that’s always a big hit. Trust me, the energy and giggles are infectious!


Hungry from all that fun? No problem. There are plenty of picnic tables right next to the lake. Pack your favorite sandwiches, some fresh fruit, and you’ve got the perfect setting for a family picnic.

If you’re not in the mood to pack a lunch, there’s a café and a frituur (that’s a Belgian chip stand, for those not in the know). Belgian fries? Yes, please!


What’s more, if you want to extend your fun, there’s a campground. Imagine capping off your day by roasting marshmallows around a campfire as the stars twinkle overhead.

Lilse Bergen really comes alive in the summer. The weather’s great, the atmosphere’s vibrant, and the place is buzzing with happy families. It’s an absolute must-visit!

Remember, the best kind of memories are those made with family. Pack your swimsuits, load up on sunblock, and get ready to dive into a day (or more!) of pure fun at Provincial Domain Lilse Bergen.

Safe travels and happy adventuring!

Map of De Lilse Bergen


About an hour drive from Schuman, Brussels

Lilse Bergen
Strandweg 6, 2275 Lille (Belgium)
014 55 79 01


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