Provincial domain Puyenbroeck

Provincial domain Puyenbroeck 🌿🌿🌿

-Playgrounds for all ages
-Sandpit, water playground
-Forest and lake
-Signposted paths of 3.6km, 5km, 8km (pic)
-Swimming pool, indoor and outdoor
See more details here
-BMX parcours and skate zone
-High parcours and wall climbing
-Go carts and traffic park
-Café and restaurant
-Camping and renting a hut is possible in the summer

About an hour drive from Schuman, Brussels

Puyenbrug 1a, 9185 Wachtebeke
09 342 42 42


All places mentioned above are also gathered on the map: outdoor and indoor activities, kids friendly cafés/ restaurants and hotels under separate layers
*Tip: if you want to see a specific layer, you need to tap the upper left corner of the map and unselect the other layers

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