Provincial domain of Chevetogne

Provincial domain of Chevetogne

-Vast domain of 600 hectares with playgrounds, sports facilities, pools, forests, lakes, gardens, a farm for kids
-There is a little train that goes around the domain
-There are several restaurants around the domain
-Outdoor swimming pool, see here for more details
-There is a little water playground near the restaurant Heron
-There are several farm animals, most can be seen from afar
-We did a little hike of about 4.5km, check pre-last pic
-The hike is stroller friendly except for two little streams, which you can easily bypass when you get there (or just still go with the stroller over them, nothing dramatic)
-You can also download the hike here:
-There is a bit of uphill and downhill, if you go to the lower part of the domain (lakes)
-There are many signposted paths, like Martine and Ornithologic. More details here:
-Plan of the domain: you can download it here or check the last pic
-You can also get a plan at the info center of the domain (before the barriers)
-Stroller friendly, wheelchair friendly domain, if you stay on the paved road
-Toilets, as in all provincial domains
-About 1 hour 15 minutes drive from Schuman, Brussels
-Also accessible by public transport in 2 hours 15 minutes

Domaine de Chevetogne
5590 Ciney
(link to the parking)


All places mentioned above are also gathered on the map: outdoor and indoor activities, kids friendly cafĂ©s/ restaurants and hotels under separate layers
*Tip: if you want to see a specific layer, you need to tap the upper left corner of the map and unselect the other layers

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