De Schorre – Troll hunting

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Go troll hunting in the forest!! Thomas Dambo, based in Denmark, makes these trolls out of recycled materials. Searching for them is tons of fun! There is also a playground, a café/restaurant right next to it, a barefoot path and more!

Practical stuff


This is a unique experience, highly recommended!

Do not underestimate how much time it takes to walk around the domain to find the trolls or how muddy it gets! Many go back a couple of times to find all the trolls (especially with younger kids). This is best done without a stroller – wish someone had told me in advance 🙂

As in all provincial domains, there are playgrounds for all ages, toddlers and younger kids included. The café/restaurant is right next to the playground – and there is an indoor playground there too!

There are also pedal boats, mini gold, an adventure tower and you can go fishing in the lake. No recreational material is rented 01.11-31.03. You can find all details for the recreational activities here

There are trolls all over the world! Here’s the global map:×105.9371z1

Practical stuff

*Open: You can find the opening hours here
*Cost: Free entrance, but you pay for activities such as pedal boats, mini golf
*There is a café/restaurant next to the playground
*It can be extremely muddy after rain, so wear appropriate shoes
*Wheelchair friendly, stroller friendly (but NOT the troll hunting part!)
*There is also an elevator at the main entrance
*There is also a fenced area for dogs to run around without a leash
*Parking: free outdoor parking

Provincial Domain De Schorre is one of the best provincial domains close to Brussels. Check the post to see the rest!

Best provincial domains close to Brussels

A provincial domain is an oasis for families. Lots of green, playgrounds, cafés… Some have farm animals and some have kids friendly swimming pools too. All places mentioned below are about half an hour from Brussels – and it’s really worth the drive!


About half an hour drive from Schuman, Brussels (or 1 hour 45 minutes by public transport)

Provincial domain De Schorre
2850 Boom
(parking closest to the playground)



All places mentioned above are also gathered on the map!
Indoor and outdoor activities, kids friendly cafés/ restaurants, hotels and more all under separate layers


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Was this useful?
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