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Exploring LEGO Discovery Center Brussels

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Bring your family to the LEGO Discovery Center in Brussels for an unforgettable day filled with fun activities, attractions, and excitement! This amazing center will provide children and adults of all ages hours of entertainment as they explore the world of LEGO, from building blocks and creations to interactive games. The following practical tips will help you plan ahead your visit with kids to Lego Discovery Center in Brussels

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Imagination Express

Take a fun-filled ride on Imagination Express! It is a fun and interactive ride for little kids. Kids can “shoot” with their wands riding the little vehicle – the best part is they can do it again and again

Explore the 4D Cinema

Visit the LEGO 4D Cinema and experience your favorite LEGO-world stories come to life! The theater is equipped with special effects such as wind, water, bubbles and lighting effects that create an immersive experience while watching classic and new LEGO movies on a huge screen. Be sure to wear your 3D glasses and join in all the fun!

Yes, you get splashed!
(Note the upside down glasses lol)
[The photos from the 4D cinema are from Lego Discovery Center Scheveningen]

Creative Club

There are Lego experts to help you create your own designs in the Creative Club. First you draw your blue dragon (or whatever you want to design)

And then they help you build it and mount it on the wall of fame 🙂

The Workshop

In this workshop, your little ones will learn all about how to follow a specific design with help from a Lego Master. Our son had to make a Rainbowsaurus

Spaceship Build & Scan

Build your own spaceship, scan it and send it to space! This was a favorite 🙂

Mini World

There is a miniature world. It’s fun to try to identify landmarks of Brussels, like Atomium, Grand Place, Berlaymont building

Different Lego Play Areas

Unleash your little builder’s creativity at the Discovery Center’s interactive play areas. Ninjago and Car Stations are jam-packed with LEGO bricks and there are endless possibilities – they can build houses, boats, rockets or any other creations they come up with. As soon as a creation is complete, kids can have their LEGO vehicles whiz around the custom track. Nonstop building fun awaits at Brussels’ Discovery Center!

Indoor Playground

There is a small indoor playground, a laser room and a small climbing wall

Duplo Park

Duplo Park is an area for younger kids with a little slide, a small carousel with dinos and of course Duplos. This is perfect for kids up to 3 years old (like our daughter), but our son also enjoyed it at 5.5

Duplo Cafe

With refreshments available throughout the day at Duplo café, families can recharge their batteries in between attractions

You can also bring your own lunch

There is also a small splash pad and some attractions for younger kids right outside the door of Lego Discovery Center

Is the Lego Discovery Center Toddler-Friendly?

Our daughter is 3 years old and she loved the place! Of course she couldn’t do the workshops and follow exactly what our 5.5 year old son was doing, but she really enjoyed the Duplo Park and the ride Imagination Express. We have also been to the Lego Discovery Center in Scheveningen and to Lego House in Denmark and she enjoyed them all! One thing to keep in mind is to try to avoid the weekends and school holidays with toddlers, as it can get rather crowded

There are Little Play Squad sessions on weekdays for kids 2-5 years old on Tuesday and Thursday morning!

Is It Worth It?

The answer is yes, it’s worth it. You’ll get a few hours of fun for the kids – maybe even for you, if you’re into building Lego. Do not expect a huge place, it’s smaller than the Lego Discovery Center in Scheveningen, but pretty similar to it other than that. Just keep in mind that it’s a small place and it can get quite crowded on weekends and school holidays

Go as early as possible to avoid the crowds!


You can buy your tickets here

Practical Stuff

*Open: 10.00-18.00 on weekdays and Sundays, 10.00-19.00 on Saturdays
*Cost: kids <2 free entrance, 3+ years old EUR 22.95 or EUR 25.95 with photo pass
*Annual passes EUR 80 for weekdays only, EUR 110 for weekdays and weekends
*You can buy your tickets here
*Adults must be accompanied by a child. If you do not have a child but want to visit the Lego Discovery Center in Brussels, look for Adult Nights, an event for adults only. Just to add that Lego Discovery Center is a rather small place and it has nothing to do with Lego House (Lego House is amazing!!) or Legoland, so it’s not really for adults
*Stroller friendly, wheelchair friendly. Wheelchairs and strollers are not provided
*There is a restaurant on site. You are also allowed to take your own lunch with you
*Dogs are not allowed
*Parking: there is paid indoor parking at Docks, the mall where Lego Discovery Center is located


Lego Discovery Center
Located in Docks Mall
Boulevard Lambermont 1, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

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Train World

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Arkose Canal

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Domein Drie Fonteinen

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Ferme Nos Pilifs

Other Lego attractions

Lego House, Denmark

Lego House

The House of the Brick is a paradise for Lego enthusiasts!

Lego Discovery Center Scheveningen

Lego Discovery Center Scheveningen

Lego Discovery Center Scheveningen is a fun place for young Lego fans. Combine it with Sea Life or one of the other activities in the Hague and around and you got a great weekend!

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