Atomium is an iconic building in Brussels you cannot miss, especially if you are into architecture. It is also quite impressive for kids

Atomium was constructed for the Brussels World’s Fair in 1958. It is now a museum. Engineer André Waterkeyn and architects André and Jean Polak designed it. Atomium was supposed to last only six months, but its popularity made the authorities postpone its demolition year after year. Atomium represents an iron crystal magnified 165 billion times and the faith in science of the time

You can appreciate Atomium from outside and enjoy the geometry of the iconic building, if you do not want to enter – and that’s perfectly fine too. You will find details below on what you see when you enter, so you can make your own decision on whether it’s worth entering

The panoramic view from the top is great. At 102 metres height, the view from the first sphere is awesome! There are also panels under each window to help you identify what you see

Here you can see the European quarter with the tall buildings at the horizon line

There is also a restaurant at the top with panoramic view, where you can have café gourmand (ie coffee and three different small sweets), breakfast, lunch or dinner. You need to reserve in advance

You get to the top with an elevator. This elevator was the fastest one in Europe in 1958

Then you move around spheres with stairs – great opportunity to notice the architecture and pretend you are playing in a sci-fi movie

Atomium is now a museum. There is the permanent exhibition that reflects its history and Expo 58 with some historical photos and videos

There is also a temporary exhibition ID#2021. A multimedia univers of light and sound – I couldn’t stop taking photos! Both kids were also mesmerized

There is also a kids‘  sphere (unfortunately closed at the time of our visit)

Practical stuff:
*Covid Safe Ticket required as of 16 years old
*There are 80 steps to climb up and 167 steps to get down
*Open every day 10.00-18.00
*Atomium is included in the Brussels Pass, so you can visit it for free. Get your free Brussels Pass here:
*Cost: adult [18-64] EUR 16, child [>115cm-17] EUR 8,50, child [≤115cm] free entrance
There are also combined tickets for Atomium and Mini Europe. See more details here:
*You can buy tickets here:
*This is a very popular site, so the queue can be quite long, but it goes fast
*There is also a café right at the entrance of the Atomium
*Strollers are not allowed
*Dogs are not allowed

There is a park next to the Atomium, Parc d’Osseghem Laeken

There is also a nice summer bar in the park nearby
Guinguette Andre
1020 Brussels

Also Mini Europe is right next to it – and you can see it from the panorame sphere!

This can be combined with the Royal Greenhouses. They are open once a year for three weeks in spring

Royal Greenhouses Laeken

Designed in 1873 for King Leopold II by Alphonse Balat, the glass palace is open to the public once a year in spring for three weeks

Several temporary events, like I Love Science and Dino World, also take place at Brussels expo, just a few meters away from Atomium

I Love Science 2021

I Love Science Festival is an awesome place for kids. There are TONS of experiments and STEAM activities! From 3D printers to Virtual Reality, from dinosaurs to ghostbusters, you’re bound to find something you will love!

Dino World

Temporary exhibition with dinosaurs

Atomium is about 15 minutes drive from Schuman, Brussels (or 45 minutes by public transport, metro 6 stops very close)

Pl. de l’Atomium 1, 1020 Bruxelles

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