Domain Drie Fonteinen

Domain Drie Fonteinen

-A domain with a nice playground and a brasserie with a terrasse near the playground. It is perdect for a stroller friendly walk or kids cycling. Also ideal for picnic!
-This is a 5-hectare park, which is the result of amalgamation of three former castle domains
-Most of the domain follows English landscaping, except for the french garden in front of the brasserie
-There is a 3.1km walk proposed by Vilvoorde around the park. You can find it here:
-Brasserie near the playground with good food and a terrasse
Brasserie De Drie Fonteinen
02 251 95 73
-This is just a park, there are no opening hours and fee to enter
-Stroller friendly, wheelchair friendly
-Dogs allowed on a leash
-There is also a dog area (far from the playground and the brasserie). Here is the exact location:
-Parking next to the brasserie
-Just 15′ drive from Schuman, Brussels

You can park next to the brasserie and then walk to the playground (2′ walk):

Playground Drie Fonteinen
(exact location in the park)

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