Railbikes of Molignée

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Les Draisines de la Molignée / The railbikes of Molignée

-Riding a railbike through the Molignée valley is so much fun with kids – especially if you add the Maredsous abbey!!
-Three routes available:
A. Falaën to Maredsous, 6km
(about 3.5 hours or 1.5-2 hours if you skip the Maredsous abbey)
B. Warnant to Falaën, 8km
(you don’t get visit the Maredsous abbey with this option, about 1.5-2 hours)
C. Warnant – Falaën – Maredsous, 14km
(about 5.5 hours or 3.5 hours if you skip the Maredsous abbey)
-The railbikes have specific times they leave each station, as they do the exact same route on your way back, thus there are specific departing times
-We did the 14km route and it takes you about 5.5 hours with visiting the Maredsous abbey and it gives you enough time to have lunch there
-The walk from the railbike station to Maredsous abbey can be done in two ways:
A. going through a tunnel, and then you have two options,
A1. there is the option to go from the paved road (stroller friendly, wheelchair friendly, you can see a small château on your way which is not accessible) or
A2. take the small path after the tunnel and right before the little bridge (you see the small château from afar),
You can also do both A1 and A2 which would give variety on the way up and down
B. choosing to go from the road, which is a bit faster and not as nice
-Each railbike is for 4 people (kids over 6 years old count as a person for this purpose)
-Kids should be able to sit or you can use a car seat for younger kids
-Cost per railbike:
EUR 19 for each of the short routes (6 or 8km),
EUR 38 for the 14 km route
-Reservation is obligatory
-You can make a reservation (latest 12 hours before the ride) here:
-Ice creams at the ticket station in Falaën
-Takeaway hot drinks, waffles, sandwiches and tartiflette at the Maredsous Abbey (there is also a restaurant with a playground that is closed for now)
Abbaye de Maredsous & le centre d’accueil Saint-Joseph
Rue de Maredsous 11, 5537 Denée
-Take away food and drinks at La Heronniere (next to the starting point of 6km, which is also the mid point for 8 and 14 km)
La Heronniere
Rue de la Gare 87, 5522 Onhaye
-It’s downhill on the way back 🙂
-Don’t get back at 14.00, if you are doing the 14km route; you will need to wait for the next railbike to start at 15.00 at the mid point
-Keep the receipt, as that’s your ticket and they will ask you for it on the way back
-Wheelchair friendly!! You can attach the wheelchair to the railbike!
-You could take a stroller with you, if it’s small when folded
-Free parking at the starting points
-It can be combined with Maredsous Abbey (post coming soon) or the Jardins d’Annevoie (post coming soon)
-About 1 hour 15 minutes drive SE of Schuman, Brussels (3 hours by public transport)

Starting point depending on the route:

Falaën (6km)
82 Rue de la Gare
5522 Falaën (Onhaye)

Warnant (8 and 14km)
116 Rue de la Molignée
5537 Warnant (Anhée)

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