A Vacation in Corfu: Making Memories with Your Kids!

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Are you looking for a perfect family getaway? Then, Corfu, an enchanting and cosmopolitan Greek island, is just the place for you! With its crystal blue waters and picturesque beaches, Corfu is the perfect destination for a vacation with kids. In this blog, we’ll explore the best places to visit, activities to enjoy, and tips for traveling to Corfu with your kids along with practical tips on where to stay, where to eat, and how to reach the island

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Introduction to Corfu – a beautiful Greek island

Corfu is a picturesque and cosmopolitan Greek island located in the Ionian Sea, off the west coast of Greece. It is well known for its stunning beaches, lush nature, and vibrant culture, making it one of the most popular holiday destinations in Greece. Corfu is a wonderful place to explore with your family and make unforgettable memories together.

Corfu is one of the Ionian islands together with Lefkada, Ithaca, Zakynthos, Cephalonia, Paxi, and Cythera. There are other smaller islands, but these are the 7 main Ionian ones. They are all worth visiting and they have the bluest waters you can imagine!

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Tips for traveling to Corfu with children

Traveling to Corfu with children can be a great experience. Here are some tips to make your trip smoother and more enjoyable:

  • Bring sunscreen and hats for the kids, and make sure they wear them whenever they are out in the sun
  • Pack plenty of snacks and drinks, as well as activities such as books or coloring supplies to keep them entertained
  • Make sure to book accommodation with child-friendly facilities, such as swimming pools and playgrounds. See the section Where to stay in Corfu with kids for our recommendations on kids-friendly hotels
  • Research the local attractions before you go, and plan your itinerary accordingly. Read about the main sights in the section What to see in Corfu and plan kids-friendly activities with the section Where to have fun with kids in Corfu
  • Keep your children safe and make sure they know the rules of the beach
Corfu City, Corfu, World Wild Schooling, family travel destinations and tips on traveling with kids, worldwildschooling.com

When to visit Corfu

Easter in Corfu

If you are not interested in swimming, then the absolutely best period to visit Corfu is during the Orthodox Easter. During Early Resurrection (ie Saturday before Easter Sunday) the Corfiots throw large clay pots filled with water (named botides). The smashing of the jugs is a unique tradition in Greece and it comes from the Venetian rulers of Corfu. You can find the program of the Easter festivities here

Summer in Corfu

Corfu is a very popular island. It can get pretty packed in July and August, thus any other time other than July and August is a much better choice. Greece is still warm enough toim in July and in September and it is not as crowded as in the high season

The peak of the high season is the 15th of August (Dekapentavgoustos in greek), the day of the Virgin Mary. It is best to avoid visiting Corfu the week before and after!

Agios Gordios, Corfu, World Wild Schooling, family travel destinations and tips on traveling with kids, worldwildschooling.com
Agios Gordios beach

How to get to Corfu

By ferry

You can get to Corfu by ferry from Igoumenitsa, Patra, and Italy. This is a great option, if you want to travel with your car

  • Igoumenitsa: there are several ferries from Igoumenitsa on a daily basis (about one every couple of hours). The trip takes about 1.5 hour. You will need to be at the port two hours earlier
  • Patra: there is a ferry on a daily basis. The trip takes about 7 hours and is done during the night (you get in the ferry late in the evening and you get out at Corfu in the morning)
  • Italy: you can reach Corfu from Bari, Brindisi, Ancona, and Venice by ferry

Always book your ferry tickets in advance, especially in the summer months. July and August is the high season in Greece and it is likely that you will not find a last-minute ticket

Book a cabin for night trips (ie from Patra and Italy). Traveling with kids without a cabin is doable as a last resort, but it is not recommended it due to the lack of comfort

By bus

You can get to Corfu from Athens and other major Greek cities by bus. The trip takes about 6 hours from Athens to Igoumenitsa and there you get on the ferry to Corfu. You can find all details here

By car

You can drive from Athens to Igoumenitsa and then take the ferry to Corfu. The drive takes about 5 hours. Keep in mind that there are tolls to pay on top of the gas, so going by bus ends up being less expensive

By airplane

Corfu International Airport “Ioannis Kapodistrias” is connected with Athens and several major European cities, like Brussels, Milan, and Dusseldorf (Corfu is directly linked to more than 25 countries!). There are low-cost airlines, like Ryanair and EasyJet, and more high-end ones

Compare all flights to Corfu with Skyscanner! This is what we always use to get the lowest price possible

How to get around Corfu

By car

Renting a car is the most flexible option to get around Corfu. The island is about 80 kilometers from north to south, so a car makes sense. Keep in mind that the streets are narrow and steep in certain areas and there can be traffic to enter Corfu City and at other points. Also it is worth noting that public transportation in Greece in general is not that reliable

Should you rent a car?

It depends on your personal preference, budget, and timetable
*If you are on a budget, then it is possible to get around Corfu by public transport. However, note that Greek transportation is not always reliable and the bus might run late
*If you are staying just for three days, then you don’t need a car. You need about two days for Corfu City anyway
*If you are staying for a week, then count about two days for Corfu City and rent a car for the remaining days to explore the island

By bus

There are two types of buses, blue and green
Blue: the blue buses take you around Corfu City. You can find more details here
Green: the green buses take you all around the island. You can find more details here

Public transportation in Greece is not very reliable, for example the bus might run late. It’s best to always have snacks and water with you, so that the kids don’t get frustrated

By taxi

Taxis in Greece are relatively cheap. Normally the taxi driver should start the taximeter once you enter the taxi, but many at the islands go by predetermined cost of certain routes. Best to ask in advance how much that is

Corfu City, Corfu, World Wild Schooling, family travel destinations and tips on traveling with kids, worldwildschooling.com

Where to stay in Corfu with kids

Not sure which areas you should be looking into? It all depends on how many days you are spending in Corfu and what your priorities are

  • Finally, if your kids love waterparks, you can stay at the Aqualand Resort. Read more about the Aqualand resort here

Keep reading for recommendations on kids-friendly hotels in Corfu City, kids-friendly hotels next to the beach in Corfu, and Aqualand

Kids-friendly hotels in Corfu City

If you are staying for just a few days and you don’t want to rent a car, the best place to stay is in Corfu City. There are many things to do and there are a couple of beaches – not as nice as the ones at the rest of the island though, you would need to travel to the west side of the island for the best beaches, like Palaiokastritsa. Corfu City is also close to the airport

Here are our recommendations for kids-friendly hotels and villas in Corfu City

€€€€ At 5-star Kerkyra Blue Hotel & Spa there is an outdoor swimming pool with a play area for young kids and a playground. This hotel is located in Corfu City
€€€ Villa Maxim is a 240 square meter villa with an outdoor pool and a kids’ pool. There is also a small playground with swings and a playhouse. All this is right next to Corfu City!

Kids-friendly hotels in Corfu near the beach

Corfu is a high-end island and as such, you can find dreamy hotels! There are low-cost alternatives as well with a good price-value ratio

Here are our recommendations for hotels that are next to the beach

€€€€€ Ikos Dassia is the perfect 5-star hotel for a family holiday if you want to splurge. With 7 swimming pools, a kindergarten, and a kids club, and all this just 10 kilometers away from Corfu City, this wonderful resort is one of the top options in Corfu
€€ Elea Beach Hotel has three outdoor swimming pools (one is shallow for kids) and a small playground. It is located in Dassia, right next to the beach. Dassia is very close to Corfu City
Saint Nicholas Beach Resort in Dassia offers studios with a small private beach, a swimming pool and a playground

Avoid staying at Kavos, the small village in the southernmost part of Corfu with streets full of bars, clubs, and drunk people – most probably you are reading the wrong blog if this is your priority 🙂 AVOID staying there with kids. However, if you find yourself there for the day, then you can eat very good Greek cuisine at Big Max and enjoy a good breakfast right by the sea in Florida (you get access to the sunbeds too). It can also be quite enjoyable, as Kavos is very quiet early in the day (everyone starts partying in the evening)

Aqualand Resort

If your kids are big fans of water parks like ours, then stay at Aqualand Resort. Just 18 minutes drive from Corfu City (see further up this post for photos of Aqualand). There is a big playground as well. See more photos and details on Aqualand further below

Aqualanad, Corfu, World Wild Schooling, family travel destinations and tips on traveling with kids, worldwildschooling.com
Aqualand Corfu

There is another small water park where you can stay. The Sidari Water Park on the north of the island has 6 water slides and is quite far from Corfu City. I would advise staying more towards the middle of the island, as Corfu is a big island. For example, Sidari to Corfu City is about 50 minutes drive

What to see in Corfu

Corfu Old Town

Walk in the narrow cobblestoned alleys between the two Venetian forts and among a blend of architectural gems influenced by Venetian, French and British conquerors. The colorful buildings from the Venetian era commingle with British Neoclassical buildings and the French Imperial style of Liston

Get a guided walking tour on the history and culture of Corfu or a guided walking tour with a local food tasting to learn more about Corfu City while walking around and enjoying the little alleys


Have a coffee at Liston, which was built following the design of Rue de Rivoli in Paris

Liston, Corfu, World Wild Schooling, family travel destinations and tips on traveling with kids, worldwildschooling.com
Liston, Corfu City

Esplanade (Spianada)

Walk at the Esplanade (Spianada), the second largest square in Europe

Esplanade, Corfu, World Wild Schooling, family travel destinations and tips on traveling with kids, worldwildschooling.com
Esplanade, the second biggest square in Europe

Agios Spyridon

Try to spot the red-domed bell tower of Agios Spyridon Church. This is one of the main sights of Corfu City

Tourist train in Corfu City

Taking the tourist train with kids is great, as you get to see a lot without the kids getting tired. The tourist train departs from Spianada and goes around the Old Town. It is a great way to get a feel of the city. We usually take the tourist train the first day we are at our destination and walk around to explore further the remaining days

Where to eat in Corfu City with kids

There are a lot of options to sample the local cuisine in Corfu City. One of the best places we found was at the Old Town Hall Square, where kids have lots of room to run around the square. There are several cafés and restaurants in the square. Kritikos restaurant is a good option, where you can order a plate with a variety of grilled meats that are typically shared with everyone at the table

Ice cream in Corfu City

You can find fantastic ice cream in lots of different flavors and amazing sweets at the historical pâtisserie Papagiorgis. Corfu is famous for its kumquat sweets and liqueurs – you can also try the kumquat ice cream at Papagiorgis, a unique flavor for sure!

Papagiorgis Patiserie-Gelateria
Nikiforou Theotoki 32, Kerkira 491 00, Greece

You can also find good ice cream at Hansel & Gretel with lots of options that will make the kids happy here

Hansel & Gretel
Nikiforou Theotoki 23, Kerkira 491 00, Greece

Shopping Greek designers in Corfu City

If you are looking for a place to shop inspirational Greek designers, then Muses is the place to be. From garments to jewelry and from sunglasses to art, there is something for everyone!

Muses art things & more
Michail Theotoki 22, Kerkira 491 00, Greece

Old Venetian Fortress

Built by the Venetians in the 15th century, the fortress was artificially separated from the rest of the island. The medieval town of Corfu This is also where the town of Corfu got its Western name; the twin peaks of the fortress are called “coryphe” in Greek. There are lots of stairs, but this is not stroller-friendly or wheelchair friendly

You can get a guided walking tour at the Old and the New Venetian Forts and learn all about their history!

There is a small Byzantine collection and also temporary expos at the Latin church. There is also a lighthouse at the top that is still functioning

The view from the fortress is stunning. There is also a café/restaurant in the fortress where you can sit with plenty of room for kids to play – and for you to enjoy the view even longer 🙂


Pontikonisi (which means Mouse Island in greek) is where Poseidon turned to stone the Phaiakian boat that would bring Ulysses to Ithaca according to Greek mythology. You can walk towards the Monastery of Vlacherna, then take a boat to visit Pontikonisi. There is the 12th-century chapel of Pantokrator on the islet and a small café

As the Monastery of Vlacherna is right next to the airport, the area around it makes for a pretty cool spotting platform for airplanes, as the airport is right next to it

There is also a café/restaurant with the iconic view of Pontikonisi a bit further up the road

Café Kanoni
Kerkira 491 00, Greece


Achilleion is the palace of the Empress Elisabeth of Austria, known as Sissy. After the loss of her only son, she built the royal mansion as a refuge in 1890. Sissy wanted to build “a palace worthy of Achilles”, her favorite Greek mythology hero. Achilleion was purchased by German Kaiser Wilhelm II after Sissy’s death. It also served as a military hospital and then as an orphanage during the World Wars

Dying Achilles is the most well-known sculpture in Achilleion by Ernst Gustav Herter

There is a café at Achilleion and a couple of cafés near the entrance, one of which (San Marino) has a very small kumquat museum

Mon Repos

Mon Repos was built as a summer villa for British Lord High Commissioner of the United States of the Ionian Islands and it was gifted to King George I after the union of the Ionian Islands with Greece in 1864. It remained the summer residence of the Greek royal family and it was confiscated by the Greek State after the declaration of the Hellenic Republic in 1974. This is also where Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, was born

Mon Repos now houses the Museum of Palaiopolis—Mon Repos and you can walk around the pine forest, where you can discover the Sanctuary of Hera Akraia (Heraion), the Doric Temple of Kardaki and a very small local beach with no facilities, untouched by tourism. Take a photo of the map of Mon Repos at the entrance, otherwise it is not easy to find your way around!

The museum is open only until 16.00, but the rest of the domain is open until later in the evening


Angelokastro (Castle of the Angel) is one of the most important architectural remains of fortifications of the island together with the two Venetian forts. The Byzantinte castle never fell; it endured three Ottoman sieges

There are lots of stairs to reach the ruins and toddlers can fall, so a baby carrier is a good idea for the younger ones. Also driving there is difficult at high season with tiny, busy streets where buses get stuck

Angelokastro is near Palaiokastritsa, so you could combine these two

There are lots of stairs (this one is definitely not stroller friendly!), but…

The view is magnificent!

Casa Parlante

Casa Parlante is a living museum at a 19th-century mansion in Corfu City. The guide explains how the aristocracy of the time used to live. The animated figures come alive right in front of your eyes. While this is a great learning experience with older kids, our 2-year-old, found it too difficult to keep away from porcelain tea sets, paintings and other fragile things. Maybe not the best idea with toddlers 🙂

Archaeological Museum of Corfu

This is a small, modern museum with artifacts from antiquity in Corfu City. It is great to explore Greek mythology and show the kids their favorite heroes depicted. There is also a room with burial artifacts that sparked some interesting conversations with our 5-year-old. The signs are in Greek and English

One of the most important exhibits is the pediment of the temple of Artemis, where the goddess is depicted as Gorgon

Where to have fun with kids in Corfu


This is the largest water park in Greece and third-largest in Europe! It was definitely the highlight of our trip in Corfu for the kids. Plan to spend the whole day there, there are also cafés and restaurants

You can also stay at the resort! See here for available dates: Aqualand Resort

Pirate ship

A pirate ship with costumes and swords, our kids loved this one too! The ship goes to Vidos island, where you can stop for a swim and there is also a café/restaurant. It also makes a 1 hour 15 minutes tour around Corfu city starting from the Old Ports

Corfu Pirate ship Black Rose
El. Venizelou 28, Kerkira 490 01, Greece


The small aquarium is situated next to Palaiokastritsa beach making it perfect for a quick visit. The guided tour really helps mae the most out of this little place with fish and reptiles (even a crocodile!). Better book in advance, otherwise you might have to wait a bit to enter

Corfu Donkey Rescue

Corfu Donkey Rescue opened in 2004 by an English woman to rescue mistreated donkeys. Kids can learn all about donkeys and pet them. Entrance is free, but donations are welcome. You can also adopt a donkey for a year. The dirt road is pretty bad and the turn is easy to miss

Corfu beaches with kids


The most famous beach of Corfu, Palaiokastritsa, is sometimes compared to Thailand’s iconic Maya Bay. Having been to both, I see a very distant resemblance 🙂 The water has a beautiful turquoise color. This is best to visit outside of high season or very early/late in the day, as the small beach can be packed with people in August. There are many restaurants around there and the beach is organized

Rent a boat from Palaiokastritsa to enjoy more secluded beaches and visit caves for a half-day trip

Right next to Palaiokastritsa there is a small Aquarium, perfect to visit with young kids

Agios Gordios

Agios Gordios is a 1.5km sandy beach with several cafés/restaurants and sunbeds. It is open sea, which means that the water is clean, but there can be waves. You can see La Grotta, the big rocky formation. It can be difficult to find a parking spot


Kontogyalos is a big sandy beach. It is organized, there are sunbeds and umbrellas, many taverns next to the beach and there are showers at some of these taverns. The road to get there is very steep and driving is not easy

There is also a guy with an interesting story, who sells all things snacks, from fruits to yummy donuts. George has a weird system of transportation of goods and a great sense of humor


Glyfada is a long sandy beach with shallow waters. There are some taverns and a beach bar nearby. There are also water sports and boats to rent. You can find a private parking place before you reach the beach (and practically there are not many other parking places anywhere)


Sidari is a touristic town with three beaches, the most famous of all being Canal d’Amour, a very small beach with scenic cliffs. The other two are both sandy beaches as well, one longer and the other smaller

Corfu City beach near the castle (Faliraki)

This is not one of the nicest beaches of the island, but it is one of the most convenient ones. There is no beach, you go in the water with a ladder, so we would not recommended for younger kids. It is more of a convenience solution


Benitses is a seaside village with an organized beach, water sports and a small aqua park with inflatables. There are also many cafés and restaurants around making it a good option to spend the day with kids. Try Avra tavern, it is right by the beach

Day trips from Corfu

While there are several day trips you can make from Corfu, the following are highly recommended

Paxoi and Antipaxoi

Paxoi and Antipaxoi are two small islands near Corfu. The clear blue waters and the picturesque little towns are definitely worth a visit

You can book your day trip to the beautiful island of Paxoi in advance here

Parga, Sivota and Blue Lagoon

You can do a day trip to Parga, Sivota, and the Blue Lagoon. These are beautiful seaside towns at mainland Greece

Book in advance your day trip to Parga, Sivota, and Blue Lagoon here



All places mentioned above are also gathered on the map!
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