Bois de la Cambre – Wonder Woods

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Every year Wonder Woods in Brussels takes place at Bois de la Cambre. Below you will find practical details on visiting Wonder Woods in Brussels with kids, photos and videos of the ice rink and the light installations

When: 02.12.2022-08.01.2023

Here is a very short video to see what it is like

There are two main areas, around the ice rink at Brasserie de la Patinoire and around the Chalet Robinson and the go carts. If you only have time to do one area, then the ice rink is a better choice (ice skating! yay!) Keep in mind that all attractions change every year

Ice skating and around

Ice skating

There is an ice rink next to Brasserie Patinoire. Furthermore, there is a stall where you can drink something while you are watching the kids ice skating

Next to Brasserie Patinoire there is a small playground as well. This is a good place to know in general, as there is a small playground next to the tables

Take a photo with the reindeer! It is right outside the entrance of the ice rink

At Jardin Cambre, outside Jeux d’Hiver, you can enjoy a hot chocolate and have something to eat, a soup or a burger.

There is an outdoor covered area with fire pits and outdoor gas heaters (both pretty useful when we went)

Right next to the covered area, there is a small polar plane (this was not illuminated when we went)

Go carts and around

Go carts

The go carts are a new thing in 2022 and while they sound fun, they are quite heavy (80 kilos!!) and tough to move around, as it is also a bit hilly. We have tried go carts everywhere along the coast (Knokke, Nieuwpoort, De Panne, De Haan, Oostduinkerke, Middelkerke, you name it) and it is much easier as the area is flat. We have also tried in Rome (at some point I will make a post about it!) and the go cart there had a small motor that helped. This was very tough and we were saying that we should all have come with our scooters!

Still, both our kids enjoyed it! We even got our son his own go cart. He was very proud of it 🙂


You can have a hot chocolate or something to eat at Woodpecker

There is also a Santa installation next to Woodpecker, but I am not sure if this one was broken or if it simply does not get illuminated

Chalet Robinson

Take the little ferry (EUR 1 per person) to go to Chalet Robinson and have something to eat or drink there

One of the installations is at Chalet Robinson, a little train


Right behind Chalet Robinson is Kiosk. The atmosphere was festive and people were all having fun here

You can have another hot chocolate or something to eat at Kiosk

Check the “gluttonous Christmas tree” next to Kiosk

Le Flore

Our son was devastated that there was no giant slide there this year! There is a n illuminated elf, which didn’t quite make up for the lack of giant slide. Thankfully we went ice skating after that, which is always a big hit!

Le Flore is at a more secluded spot. You can have a warm drink here too

Is visiting Wonder Woods worth it?

Are you a tourist?

If you are in Brussels for a couple of days, then the answer is not really. The better option is to visit the Brussels Christmas market in the center. Grand Place is magnificent at this time of the year!

See the post on the Brussels Christmas market with practical tips for visiting with kids, kids friendly restaurants near the Christmas market and a map on how to get around

Do you live in Belgium?

If you live in Belgium and especially Brussels, then ice skating at Bois de la Cambre could be fun for the kids (and adults). Combining it with a soup and a burger nearby could make for a fun afternoon out, if your kids are old enough to ice skate

Also note that the ice rink is never cleaned during the day, so do not have high expectations about it. If you are looking for a nice ice rink, then the Christmas market in Hasselt is a better choice. The ice rink at the Christmas market in Brussels is bigger and very crowded, but at least you can walk around the Christmas market afterwards. There is also the ice rink at Poseidon, if ice skating is your main goal (no Christmas market there though)

We could have lived with skipping the go carts and the area around them. The go carts were difficult to pedal around. The light installations this year are underwhelming. There are not fun rides for kids like lastyear. However, our kids did enjoy that part too, mainly due to the go carts and the fun we had racing around

All in all, you can probably skip the Christmas attractions at Bois de la Cambre and not miss out much this year

How to best visit Wonder Woods with kids

With a baby or a toddler

Definitely take a stroller with you, especially if you are planning to visit both main areas mentioned above, around the ice rink and around the go carts. There are paved roads and due to the distances you are better off with a stroller. It will also help keep the baby warm!

With older kids

Take the scooters with you or rent a go cart. Both are fun for kids. The go carts are pretty heavy and tough to pedal around, however our kids really enjoyed riding them (our 3 year old in the front seat with us pedaling and our 6 year old riding his own pedal car)

We saw a bunch of kids with head lamps and a map printed going around the woods and looking for the light installations as a treasure hunt. Now this is so much fun! Hats off to that lady for finding the most amazing way to make the most out of Wonder Woods!

Practical stuff

*When: 02.12.2022-08.01.2023
*You can find the map here

Dates and opening times:
*Ice rink: 11:00 to 20:00 seven days a week
Prices: EUR 8 adults, EUR 5 children > 14 years, family package (4 people) EUR 25, EUR 3.50 school
*Go carts:
Outside school holidays:
Wednesday: 12.00 – 18.00
Friday: 15.00 -18.00
Saturday and Sunday: 10.00 – 18.00
School holidays:
Monday – Sunday: 10.00 – 18.00
24.12.2022 and 31.12.2022: 10.00 – 16.00
Location: Carrefour des attelages (next to Woodpecker)
Loop of 2 km – duration +/- 15 min
Children under 13 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
Pedal car with 1 place 6€/30min, 9€/1hour
Pedal car with 2 places 12€/30min, 15€/1hour
Pedal car with 3 places 15€/30min, 25€/1hour
Pedal car with 4 places 20€/30min, 30€/1hour
Pedal car with 5 places 25€/30min, 35€/1hour
Pedal car with 6 places 30€/30min, 40€/1hour

*Parking: you can park at the dead end here

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Wonder Woods 2021

This section is just to get an idea of what attractions might be there in the future. Here is a short video to get an idea of what it looked like in 2021

*Keep in mind that most of these attractions were only there in 2021!

There were three carousels next to Jeux d’Hiver and a covered space, where you could have a hot chocolate or something to eat (these attractions were only there in 2021)

There was a big slide next to restaurant Flore and also a stall for hot drinks (attraction available only in 2021)

There was a light installation next to Woodpecker (attraction available only in 2021)

Then there were three more light installations on your way to the restaurant Kiosk. The first one is called Art (attraction available only in 2021)

Cloudy Lantern is the next light installation (2021)

And Mushlooms is the last light installation (2021)

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All places mentioned above are also gathered on the map!
Indoor and outdoor activities, kids friendly cafés/ restaurants, hotels and more all under separate layers


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