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La Maison du Parc-Botrange

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There is a restaurant and a nice playground, also a small museum with nature-themed exhibitions. It is kids-oriented and pretty small, perfect for a short break from spending the day in snow!


The playground is lots of fun for kids – the playground in this video here is from this spot! Follow us on TikTok for more!


This is the perfect place to enjoy snow

And sometimes there is a lot of it!

We were lucky enought to enjoy a gorgeous sunset

Tourism office

This is the right place to go and ask for info and brochures for hikes at the Hautes Fagnes. Just going indoors and standing by the fireplace helps on a snowy day


There are temporary expos. The entrance is free and there’s usually a small booklet for kids. The expo is very small, it makes for an ideal break from the snow. You can find details here

There is also a permanent expo, Fania. This is EUR 3 for kids and EUR 6 for adults. You can find more details here

There are educational trails for kids to discover different nature themes (nature, discovering water, orientation course). The website mentions that these are suitable for kids 9+ years old, but if you are with them to read the educational panels, then younger kids can also enjoy. You can ask at the Maison for a map

You can also discover Hautes Fagnes on char-à-bancs (carriages) pulled by a tractor! This is an 18km loup that lasts about 2 hours with several stops along the way. It costs EUR 8 for kids and EUR 15 for adults. This is offered April-November. You can find more details here

Stages are organized in the summer (July and August) in French and German. If you are interested, you will need to keep an eye on their website around March (there is no mention of stages on the website earlier)

There are also educational activities for kids 5-12 years old, nature workshops for schools and more activities. You can organize birthdays with a nature theme (minimum for 12-13 kids) – you will need to contact the Maison for that


There is a brasserie in the same building as the museum

There are also a few covered picnic places next t the playground


Hautes Fagnes

Here are practical tips, kids friendly restaurants, playgrounds and activities to make the most out of your family visit at Hautes Fagnes

This is a part of the main post on Hautes Fagnes, where you can find everything you need to visit the area. Where to go, kids friendly restaurants, what is there to do around Hautes Fagnes (like ski resorts, picturesque villages, hikes, castles, poney riding)

Practical stuff

*Open: weekdays 09.00-17.00, weekends and holidays 10.00-18.00, restaurant closed on Monday
*Cost: free entrance for the museum temporary expo, paid entrance to the permanent expo (about EUR 3 for kids and EUR 6 for adults)
*You can find the hunting days of the region on the map here
*You can check the webcam here
*Wheelchair friendly, stroller friendly
*Dogs are not allowed in the expos
*Parking: free outdor parking (you need to go early to find a place)


La Maison du Parc-Botrange
Rte de Botrange 131, 4950 Waimes

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