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Hautes Fagnes boasts beautiful nature throughout the year – especially in winter. It is the highest point in Belgium, so this is where there is snow for sure (provided it has snowed in Belgium). Here are some of the best places to visit, kids-friendly hotels and restaurants at Hautes Fagnes as well as activities in the area to make the most out of your family visit


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Where to stay with kids

€€€€ Hotel Haus Tiefenbach has an indoor swimming pool, a sauna, and a small outdoor playground. When it’s winter, kids can sled in the small slope right outside the hotel (reserved for guests only)

See photos and availability here

€€€ Hotel des Bains & Wellness Spa features an indoor swimming pool, a jacuzzi, and a sauna. It is located near lake Robertville and close to the Hautes Fagnes

See photos and availability here 

€€ Daft Hotel has an indoor swimming pool, and spa. You get an iPad with Netflix and they light a fire pit every evening! Glamping options are also available

See photos and availability here

Kids-friendly restaurants and playgrounds

Here is a selection of restaurants with a playground and playgrounds you can visit with kids at Hautes Fagnes

Maison du Parc-Botrange

As mentioned right above, Maison du Parc-Botrange also has a restaurant and an outdoor playground, as well as a small museum with nature-themed exhibitions

Read our post with lots of photos and practical details on Maison du Parc-Botrange

Peak Beer

Peak Beer is a brasserie with a playground
Belgium Peak Beer
Rte de Botrange 123, 4950 Sourbrodt


There is also a small playground in Malmedy and many options to eat around there. Next to the playground, there is mini golf
Pl. de la Fraternité 7, 4960 Malmedy

If you are looking last-minute to buy a sled, check the toy store Domino in Malmedy. Check before going if there is stock!
Chemin-Rue 43, 4960 Malmedy

Best places in Hautes Fagnes

Signal de Botrange

Signal de Botrange is the highest point in Belgium and where there is definitely snow, if there is any in Belgium. It is the starting point of many hikes and cross-country ski trails. There is a restaurant there and you can rent sleds and skis too (for cross-country skiing)

Mont Rigi

Mont Rigi is great for a hike and to build a snowman in winter

Baraque Michel

Baraque Michel is a beautiful piece of nature, where many hiking and cross-skiing trails start

Cascade du Bayehon

Cascade du Bayehon is the second biggest waterfall in Belgium! There are many trails that include it – or you can just take the shortcut to see the waterfall

Maison du Parc-Botrange

At Maison du Parc-Botrange there is a restaurant and a nice playground outdoors, as well as a small museum with temporary nature-themed exhibitions. The museum is kids-oriented and pretty small, perfect for a short break from spending the day in the snow!

Best places around Hautes Fagnes

Ovifat ski resort

Ovifat is a ski center with great view and a sledding slope

Rheinhardstein castle

You can visit the Rheinhardstein castle or see it from different angles with a 6km hike through the forest

Promenade de la Hoëgne

Promenade de la Hoëgne is one of the most beautiful hikes in the Belgian Ardennes. It passes along the river Hoëgne, crossing it many times with little bridges


Trôs-Marets is a great hike in the forest and along the river. There is a difficult part where you are holding a rope to go over rocks, so it might be best with older kids. There is a small playground at the start of the cyclical trail


Weywertz is a ski piste with two small slopes for sledding


Xhoffraix is a small village with cross-country skiing/hiking trails


Hockai offers cross-country routes that are also open to hiking

Le Monde d’Arwen

Le Monde d’Arwen offers pony riding and stages near Malmedy

Where to enjoy snow in Belgium

Here’s a list of the best snow spots in Belgium categorized into fun for kids, sledding, skiing, hiking, to make sure you get the most out of your family winter holiday. We’ve added tons of practical tips such as kids-friendly hotels and restaurants, and how to know where there’s snow. So bundle up, grab your skis and get ready to explore some of the best snow spots in Belgium with your family!

How to dress kids for winter

Read our guide on the best winter clothes for kids, the best materials, clothing guide according to temperature, and tips on dressing your kids for cold weather

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