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A massive forest that is famous for the wild hyacinths blue carpet in spring

The bluebells are usually in full bloom late April – beginning of May. You can watch for the blooming period here:

There are 2 temporary hyacinth hikes (that get signposted only when the hyacinths bloom, as of 14.04) and 3 permanent signposted hikes. You can find gpx files for all hikes here

Temporary hyacinth walks

*Hyacinth walk A
Start from Parking 1 (Hogebermweg), 4.8km

*Hyacinth walk B
Start from Parking 8 (Achtdreven), 5.1km.

If you want to walk the maximum amount of time among bluebells, then start at Parking 8, Achtdreven. You can download an image of the map here or you can download the gps (.gpx) track file

hallerbos temporary hiking map 2018

Permanent signposted walks

*The Achtdreven walk, 1.8km, wheelchair friendly (white-black signs), also in the middle of the hyacinth area
Start at the Achtdreven. There are adapted benches and picnic tables at regular intervals

*The Reebok Walk, 7km (yellow signs) gps (.gpx) track file, about half of it passes through the hyacinth area.
Start at the hunting pavilion, you will pass three of the four valleys in the Hallerbos

*The Sequoia Walk, 4km (blue signs) gps (.gpx) track file
Start at the car park between the bridge over the R0 and the Achtdreven

Practical stuff

*Here is the hiking map of Hallerbos
*You can find gpx files for all hikes mentioned above here
*There are picnic tables at Parking P2 ‘Bosmuseum’, P5, P6, P8 ‘Achtdreven’, the ‘Jachtpaviljoen’ and at the ‘Speelweide’, at Vlasmarktdreef Veertigbundendreef intersection, Veertigbundendreef side Kampendaal, corner Lorkendreef Eikendreef
*We need to always stay on the path!
*Stroller friendly, wheelchair friendly (the Achtdreven walk is adapted for people with reduced mobility), the rest are as stroller friendly as a forest can be
*Dogs allowed on a leash. There is also a dog area at Parking 1
*Parkings 1 and 11 are the biggest and closest to bluebells
*Parking 1 is also a start of one of the signposted Hyacinth walks and there is a dog area there too
*Parking 8 is the start of Achtdreven walk and of one of the two signposted Hyacinth walks (but it is quite small)


Hallerbos can be combined with Provincial Domain Huizingen

Provincial Domain Huizingen

Provincial Domain Huizingen is one of the most beloved ones and closest to Brussels. Playgrounds, mini cars, trampolines, farm animals, forest, outdoor pools for kids, even a little train to take you around the domain: It has everything!


About half an hour drive S of Schuman, Brussels (or 1 hour 10 minutes by public transport)

Parking 1 Hallerbos
Hogebermweg, 1500 Halle


All places mentioned above are also gathered on the map: outdoor and indoor activities, kids friendly cafés/ restaurants and hotels under separate layers
*Tip: if you want to see a specific layer, you need to tap the upper left corner of the map and unselect the other layers

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