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Capri with Kids | Best Things to Do | Where to Stay

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Ah, Capri! This gem in the Tyrrhenian Sea, just off Italy’s Amalfi Coast, is the very essence of enchantment. Fringed with beguiling blue grottos, kissed by the sun at Marina Grande, and crowned by the majestic Monte Solaro, the Island of Capri holds a cornucopia of delights for the entire family.

Here are the best things to do in Capri with kids, where to stay and practical tips on how to make the most of your family visit.

Unraveling the Charm of Capri

From its breathtaking sea stacks known as the Faraglioni Rocks to its beguiling town center, Capri weaves a magical spell that captivates both young and old. A Capri Island tour on foot or by private convertible car is the best way to experience its myriad charms.

Is Capri Kid-Friendly?

Capri can be enjoyed with children, but it’s important to note that the island is known more for its upscale and sophisticated atmosphere rather than being specifically tailored for kids.

While there may not be dedicated children’s activities or attractions, families can still have a memorable time exploring Capri’s natural beauty, taking boat trips around the island, visiting the Blue Grotto, or enjoying a leisurely stroll through the charming streets. Some beaches also have facilities and amenities suitable for families.

With its boat trips to Blue Grotto, beaches like Marina Piccola Beach, and kid-friendly activities like taking the funicular and exploring the Gardens of Augustus (Giardini di Augusto), Capri makes for a splendid family vacation destination. The shallow water of its beaches and the scent of freshly-made waffle cones wafting through its city center create an idyllic setting for a family trip.

Best Time to Visit Capri

As the island awakens from its winter slumber, the period from late April to early June showcases Capri at its most resplendent. This is when the Island of Capri glistens under the Mediterranean sun, yet avoids the throngs of high-season day trippers.

However, if you’re aiming for the sweet spot between good weather and manageable crowds, September stands out as the optimal month. Imagine viewing Capri without the summer rush, or enjoying a serene boat ride around the Faraglioni Rocks – pure bliss!

How Long to Stay in Capri

The Perfect Vacation Duration for an Unrushed Experience

For an unhurried exploration of Capri’s attractions, a stay of two to three nights is recommended. This allows enough free time to embrace the island’s slow-paced dolce vita, without the need to rush from one spot to another. However, it is possible to see the highlights of Capri on a day trip.

The Capri Itinerary for Short and Long Stays

Whether it’s a quick day tour or a languid week-long holiday, there are ample attractions and activities to keep the entire family engaged. Take a private boat tour around the island, or perhaps spend an afternoon at Bagni Le Ondine – the beach club next to Marina Grande, a great spot for older children and adults to swim while the little ones enjoy the shallow water.

How to Get to Capri

Many journeys to Capri begin at Naples, Southern Italy’s vibrant city boasting the grand Maschio Angioino and views of Mt. Vesuvius. From Naples, a ferry ride across the blue Tyrrhenian Sea transports you to the beautiful island of Capri. Many travelers also begin their journeys to Capri from the charming town of Sorrento. 

You can get to Capri by ferry or book a tour. The advantage of taking a tour is that you can pick one with a

By Ferry

Ferries leave for Capri from Naples’ main port, whisking you across the waters, past the stunning Amalfi Coast, to Marina Grande, Capri’s main harbor. On a clear day, the views are simply unparalleled.

We use this search engine to book our ferry tickets. They compare all companies and you get the best deal. You can also find all indirect connections between islands, which makes island-hopping super easy!

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How to Get around Capri

Whether by taxi, public transportation, or the island’s famous cable car, getting around Capri is a unique experience. For a scenic route, choose the walking trails that wind their way around the island. 

The Capri Funicolare

Capri’s funicolare, a cable car connecting Marina Grande to Capri Town, is a fun experience for a family. The short ride offers sweeping views of the marina, the Tyrrhenian Sea, and beyond. For small children, it’s a thrilling adventure; for adults, it’s a chance to capture photographs.

Where to Stay in Capri

Capri is home to a range of accommodations, from luxury resorts to charming 2-star hotels. Many properties offer air-conditioned rooms, room service, and are just a short walk from the town center. Some are nestled among lemon trees, offering a tranquil retreat after a day of exploration.

If staying near the beach is important to you, consider a stay near Marina Grande or Marina Piccola. Marina Grande has a small supermarket and restaurants, so it makes for a good base. Alternatively, Anacapri is family-friendly, but you will be away from the sea. 

Best Things to Do in Capri

From a boat ride around the Faraglioni rocks to a visit to the Blue Grotto, Capri offers a myriad of activities. One of the best things to do is to simply wander the town center, indulge in a scoop of gelato, and people-watch in the bustling Piazzetta.

Blue Grotto Adventure: A Cave Exploration Like No Other

Perhaps the most interesting thing to do in Capri is to explore the Blue Grotto. This sea cave, illuminated by an eerie blue light, is accessible by a rowboat during low tide. Older kids will find this tour absolutely fascinating, as will their parents.

Piazzetta: Capri’s Living Room in the Open Air

La Piazzetta, the small square in the center of town, is a hive of activity and a great spot to soak in the Capri vibe. Watch the world go by from one of its outdoor cafes while enjoying freshly-brewed Italian coffee.

Best Beaches in Capri with kids

When visiting Capri with kids, there are several beaches worth exploring. All of these beaches have pebbles with small sandy stretches. Don’t expect long stretches of sandy beaches in Capri.

  • Marina Grande, located near the ferries, is the largest and most accessible beach on the island. 
  • Bagni di Tiberio, a private beach club, can be reached by a short boat ride or walk from Marina Grande and offers a restaurant. 
  • Marina Piccola provides a stunning view of the Faraglioni rock formations but can get crowded. It has both a free public area and private beach clubs like Bagni da Gioia. 

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