Wonderbos De Haan

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Wonderbos De Haan

-A speelbos with wooden friendly forest spirits and forest men with several games for kids in the dune forests of De Haan
-The assignments are all in Dutch only
-You can of course enjoy the speelbos and walking around the forest without knowledge of Dutch too
-Public toilets and tap water on De Haan beach (4 minutes away by car):
51°16’40.6″N 3°01’44.8″E
Zeedijk-De Haan 14-18, 8420 De Haan
-Takeaway food near the playground on De Haan beach here:
Brasserie Paname
Zeedijk-De Haan 13, 8420 De Haan
-Stroller friendly
-Dogs allowed on a leash
-Cycling is not allowed
-There are a few parking places near the starting point of Wonderbos at the other side of the road
-It can be combined with a walk at De Haan beach and Park La Potinière in De Haan (4 minutes away by car)
-It can be combined with De Slierberg speelbos (small forest playground with a huuuge slide!! Slierberg is 3 minutes away by car)
-It can be combined with Vossenhol De Haan speelzone (post coming soon)
-About 1 hour 15 minutes drive NW of Schuman, Brussels (also reachable by public transport by train to Blankenberge and then the coast tram)

Wenduinesteenweg 127, 8421 De Haan

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