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Walibi Belgium is an amusement park where you won’t get bored! It’s full of attractions for all ages and tastes. Roller coasters, carousels, area for younger kids… Tons of fun is guaranteed!

This is the perfect place for teenagers and thrill seekers!

There is also an area for younger kids, with a tree house and a café right next to it for parents

There is also a dancing octopus, a carousel, a rollercoaster for kids

There is a little train, cars, a submarine, a Viking boat and many other rides in the kids area

Walibi, the mascot of the amusement park is also going around and greeting kids

There are different things to do in water, like rafting

There is also the Gold River Adventure, which was great to do on our way out to relax a bit

Attractions are allowed according to the height of the kid. You can see the map of the park here and you can filter according to the height of the child or see attractions for younger kids:

There are a lot of restaurants with different options throughout the park. There are also a couple of picnic places, if you want to avoid fast food. The healthiest option was grilled chicken and it was pretty good

On the down side, Walibi can get crowded and queues can be long (sometimes 45-60 minutes for the top attractions!) You can buy the Speedy Pass Ultimate for EUR 45 to avoid the queues on all attractions or download the app that shows real time waiting time (see details below)

Cost: kids 1.00m-1.40m EUR 38, adults > 1.40m EUR 43
You can find info on the tickets and all promos available here:
Parking is EUR 8, if you pay before 15.00, otherwise it is EUR 10

You can also rent a stroller or a trolley for EUR 5 at the entrance

There are also Speedy Passes, starting at EUR 5 to skip the line on one attraction only up to EUR 45 for unlimited quick access. You can check these out here:

There are also yearly passes starting at EUR 85. A combined yearly pass for Walibi and Aqualibi costs EUR 130, wheread the premium combined pass costs EUR 299. You can see all the details about the different passes here:

There is also an app you can download to see the waiting time for attractions and other useful info. You can get it here:

People with disabilities pay EUR 23.50 for entrance and get also a Speedy Pass for free upon presentation of their disability card. You can find here all details:

It can be combined with Aqualibi, a water park with water slides, wavy pool, kids area with water playground and slides for the little ones!

About 25 minutes drive S of Schuman, Brussels (or 1 hour 15 minutes by public transport)

Walibi Belgium
Bd de l’Europe 100, 1300 Wavre



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