Uccle Farm

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Uccle Farm 🐐🐐🐐

-A small park with farm animals in Uccle; goats, sheep, donkeys and a cow
-A piece of countryside in the suburbs of Brussels, nice way to pass a couple of hours
-This is great for younger kids, as it’s not far and the park is only 7 hectares
-There is a big grass area at the upper part of the park, where kids can play
-The association Tournesol organizes there stages, school visits, guided family visits every Wednesday (not available for now), events for adults http://tournesol-zonnebloem.be/
-Please do not bring any food for the animals, as it might not be appropriate for them (eg carrots have too much sugar). You can cut some grass from the ground there to give to them (advice by Tournesol person at site)
-This is a park, so there is no entrance fee and no opening hours. It’s free and always open
-Stroller friendly except for a specific part of 30m, it’s a bit steep and full of roots. The rest of the park is stroller friendly
-Dog friendly too! Dogs are allowed on a leash
-Parking around there, which can be a bit tricky
-Just 25 minutes drive from Schuman, Brussels

Entrance to the park

Parking (many places on the street)