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‘t Soete Dal is a family friendly outdoor swimming pool with a playground for all ages. There are also animals to pet and a restaurant by the pool

There are three separate pools, one for babies and toddlers, one for older kids and one for adults. They are all well maintained. A lifeguard is watching at any time. You can hide under the shadow of the trees and relax on the grass

The pool for babies and toddlers has a very small slide and a big mushroom house. It is just 0.30m deep. The lifeguard will provide you with a floatie, in case your kid doesn’t have one (kids that can swim are not required to wear one)

The pool for older kids has a couple more adventurous slides and is deeper

The pool for older kids and the pool for adults further away

The kids can pet the alpacas and other animals in the Knuffelweide [hug meadow is the exact translation 🙂 ]. There are also ponies to ride for EUR 2 per round. These are not available when the weather is too hot (which is why there are no photos of the animals here, just a pirouette on our way there!) The animals are about 300m away from the pool

The playground is quite big and kids get very busy there

There is free outdoor parking for visitors

This is perfect to combine with a nice hike in Limburg, like in Domain Pietersheim, where there is a playground, farm animals, a 12th century water castle, a 3km walk with gnomes… Just perfect to combine with anything else in the Hoge Kempen!

Also the Stokkenman route is nearby – a hike for kids following the Stokkenmannen for 4.2 km through the forest ending at a big playground

Stokkenman route

Hike for kids! Follow the Stokkenmannen for 4.2 km through the forest and end at a big playground

About 1 hour 10 minutes drive E of Schuman, Brussels (about 2.5 hours by public transport)

Zwembad ‘t Soete Dal
Daalstraat 114, 3690 Zutendaal



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