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Prehistomuseum 🦣🦣🦣


Highly recommended!
-Great museum for kids with lots of things to do
-Mainly outdoors
-Gather pieces of a puzzle among tigers at the temporary exhibition
-Permanent exhibition where we learn how prehistoric men used to live
-Write on a stone there
-Archaeologist-animator to help you light a fire / make a cave lion head from clay / make a musical instrument
-Hunting in the forest with a bow or a spear thrower (allowed as of 5 years old)
-Little trail in the forest with many animals to exercise your prehistoric hunting skills (not stroller accessible)
-Hut to see how prehistoric men used to live
-Barefoot path
-Vegetal labyrinth
-A few animals and plants to explore domestication
-Cave of Ramioul
-Restaurant archéobistrot
-Playground next to the restaurant

Practical stuff

-Free every first Sunday of the month!
-Totem system to ensure not many people are at the same area at the same time
-The forest and hunting activity is not accessible by stroller. You can leave the stroller in the museum and go to the forest with a carrier
-Picnic tables here and there
-Very friendly and helpful staff
-You need to book tickets in advance online
More details here:
-About 1 hour 10 minutes drive from Schuman, Brussels


Rue de la Grotte 128, 4400 Flémalle
04 275 49 75



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