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Ninglinspo 🌿🌿🌿

-This hike is a must!
-6km along this charming little mountain river
-The hike should take about 2.30 hours, depending on your kids you might want to add time for stops
-Bridges and small waterfalls
-Lots of rocks, you need proper shoes
-Unfortunately the big waterfall was quite dry when we went (mid October)
-Signposted with blue (blue route on the maps in the pics too)
-1 hour 15′ from Schuman, Brussels, totally worth it

⚠️ This is a very popular hike and it might be open only for residents and people spending the night there.

GPS coordinates for the start of the trail:
50.468609,5.743544920 Aywaille

Here’s the itinerary in RouteYou…/itineraire-de…/le-ninglinspo

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