Multimovepad in Meerdaalwoud

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Multimovepad in Meerdaalwoud 🌿🌿🌿

-Ad Wouters, the sculptor, is currently working at the site! When I asked him if it’s a lot of work, he replied “je m’amuse” 😍 He even helped my son climb on one of his sculptures and he said that’s what they’re meant for, to play with!
-Natural wooden playground structures scattered around the forest (xylofon was a hit!)
-Big forest, you can easily extend the walk for older kids
-Sandpit and other play structures around the wooden tower and along the path
-A few picnic tables
-A big fenced area for dogs
-You can climb up the tower, there are a few activities inside for kids and a nice view from up there
-You can follow the little map to find the wooden structures in the forest along the path. —Sticks of wood with a red line to indicate the path
-Station to charge e-bikes
-WC in the tower
-Stroller friendly
-Just 20′ drive from Schuman

Naamsesteenweg 72, 3052 Oud-Heverlee

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