Lac de l’Eau d’Heure – swimming zone of Plate Taille

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Lac de l’Eau d’Heure – swimming zone of Plate Taille

-Espace Fun is a small plage suitable for younger kids
-Shallow water and sandy beach
-There is a beach bar with cocktails, where concerts are organized from time to time
-One of the only two spots you can swim in Lacs de l’Eau d’Heure (the other is in Falemprise with a playground nearby)
-Swimming is allowed 15.06-15.09
-A green flag means it is safe to swim (good quality of water and lifeguard present). Red flag means that you are not allowed to swim (no flag equals red flag)-Espace Fun offers windsurfing, kayaking, SUP, sailing (lessons and material renting). You can find more details here:
-Picnic tables and BBQ available
-There is also a beach volley court
-The plage is next to Aquacenter, which offers a small outdoor pool with a water playground for kids (closed for now) and some indoor pools. More details here:
-The plage is also in front of Landal Village l’Eau d’Heure (kids friendly hotel chain)
Landal Village l’Eau d’Heure
071 65 58 65
-There is a mini market and a restaurant at Landal
-Stroller friendly
-Big parking in front of the entrance of Aquacenter/Landal (3 minutes walk to the beach)
-It can be combined with the main spot of Plate Taille (also the friture there is open)
-It can be combined with Natura Adventure Park
-About 1.5 hour drive south of Schuman, Brussels

(link to parking)



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