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Kinderdijk is a village in South Holland, which is famous for its 18th-century windmills. You can walk around or cycle (you are in the Netherlands after all!). You can also visit the museum mills and sail along the iconic windmills

There are 19 mills that were built around 1740. These are part of water management to prevent floods. Three of these windmills are living museums (Blokweer, Nederwaard, Overwaard)

Museum mill Nederwaard

You can climb on this mill all the way to the top! You also get to see how people used to live. There is also a miller that can explain things and answer to questions. The stair is pretty steep, especially to climb down, so it might not be the best idea with very small kids. You won’t miss much, if you skip climbing up the stairs. The nicest room to see is at the groundfloor

We were also pretty lucky! The wind changed and the miller had to adjust the sails of the windmill. We got to see it live!

Museum mill Blokweer

This is a living museum that shows how people used to live in the 1950’s. This is when the last miller moved out of the windmill with his family. There are also two goats and a little garden. There are also picnic tables behind the little house for the goats

There is also a handout booklet for Blokweer, which explains a few things on how living in the mill was

Suddenly it started to rain and we found shelter in Blokweer. We are grateful for the rainbow that we saw there after the rain passed!

The third museum mill, Overwaard, is only accessible by boat that leaves from Wisboom (the pumping station next to the Visitors Center)

Wisboom pumping station

The Wisboom pumping station is also pretty cool for kids! The museum is very small, but also very interactive. There is a game for kids, where they have to turn the sails of the mills according to the wind. There are other interactive games too

Boat tour

The boat tour is pretty awesome! You will see a small clock next to the boats to see when the next one is leaving. The boats go from the visitors center to Nederwaard and to Blokweer. You can also take a boat from near Wisboom to Overwaard

You can walk around the mills or cycle freely. The walk can be a bit long for younger kids, so a bike isn’t a bad idea, especially since parking is further away (look at the end of the post for details). There is a separate bike path from the road from the parking. There is also a separate bike path for a part of the walk at the windmills. If you buy a ticket, then you can also use the boat!

There is a nature path that can get pretty muddy on a rainy day. You can use the paved road both ways or use the paved road to go and the nature path to go back towards the car. The view from the paved road is better though

There is a visitors center with a café (they also serve food). The tables outdoors have a great view of the windmills!

The giftshop is pretty cool as well

There is a stand to buy fresh stroopwaffels. The name literally means waffles with sirop and that’s exactly what these are, two thin baked layers with syrop in the middle. They are really good! Stroopwafels were first made in the city of Gouda. This is a typical Dutch delicacy

You can also treat yourself to fresh ice cream, which is made every morning at a farm nearby. Or you can try poffertjes, they are like small fluffy pancakes and kids love them!

There is also a bakery nearby, where you can have breakfast and buy pastries. Their appelflap (pastry filled with apple) was quite good
Bakkerij Stam V.O.F.
Molenstraat 143, 2961 AK Kinderdijk, Netherlands

You can walk around the windmills or cycle there for free. You only pay a ticket to visit the three windmill museums and have a boat tour. Tickets are EUR 16.00 for 12+ years old and EUR 5.75 for kids 4-12 years old. They are a bit more expensive, if you buy at the counter. You can buy tickets here:

This is the official parking place, there is a shuttle that takes you to the windmills (about 5km away)
Parking lot
Marineweg 3c, 2952 AZ Alblasserdam, Netherlands

We were advised by a guard to park here, which is less than a kilometer away from the windmills. This parking is only available on weekends

If you are lucky, you might find a parking place at the entrance of the site for EUR 7.50 for the day. The places there, however, are very limited

This can be combined with Rotterdam, as it’s only 20 minutes away by car (or 50 minutes by public transport). We love Rotterdam for its mind-blowing architecture! The city had been almost completely destroyed during WWII and now is well-known for the iconic buildings

About 1.5 hour from Schuman, Brussels (or 2 hours 50 minutes by public transport). This is just 20 minutes drive from Rotterdam (or 50 minutes by public transport) and 1 hour from Amsterdam (or 2 hours by public transport)

Kinderdijk, Netherlands
[P] parking lot (official parking for Kinderdijk site with a shuttle)
Marineweg 3c, 2952 AZ Alblasserdam, Netherlands



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