Kids walk in Bornem

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Kids walk in Bornem

-A 7.2km walk for kids passing from kids farm Barelhoeve and the playground at Domain Breeven
Barelhoeve is a wonderful place for kids, where you can pet goats and chickens without a barrier! They also have deer, rabbits, donkeys, cows, horses
Domain Breeven is a park with a big playground with sand and a walk around the lake near the kids farm Barelhoeve
-You also walk near the entrance of Kasteel Marnix de Sainte-Aldegonde or Bornem Castle, but it is private property and it is open to the public only on the 15th of August every year, the two last Sundays of August and the first two Sundays of September
Bornem Castle
Kasteelstraat 34, 2880 Bornem
-Great ice cream and more at Barelhoeve
Barelstraat 183, 2880 Bornem
-Café Belle Vue is open
Café Belle Vue
Boomstraat 10, 2880 Bornem
-The walk is partly in the forest, partly in the domain near the lake and it takes you through some narrow paths
-The walk is not signposted, you can see it here:
-Or you can follow the knooppunten 1-4-42-43-3-2-1
-Also you can cut the walk shorter and do about half of the loop, if you start at Domain Breeven, walk around the lake, reach Barelhoeve and then go to Domain Breeven again
-If you go around Barelhoeve and the small loop in the fields near the farm, add about 1.8km more to the walk
-Public toilets next to Parking Achterweidestraat
Achterweidestraat 2, 2880 Bornem
-Stroller friendly, the part in the forest might be full of muddy puddles
-About 35 minutes drive N of Schuman, Brussels

You can park at Domain Breeven to start the walk (free outdoor parking), be careful not to get stuck at the playground 🙂
Parking Breeven
Barelstraat 111, 2880 Bornem

Alternatively you can park at Parking Achterweidestraat to start the walk (free outdoor parking and public toilets)
Parking Achterweidestraat
Achterweidestraat 4, 2880 Bornem

Also there is free parking here (and for campervans up to 48 hours) near the center
Parking Kloosterstraat
2880 Bornem