I Love Science 2021

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I Love Science (15-16-17.10.2021)

I Love Science Festival is an awesome place for kids. There are TONS of experiments and STEAM activities! From 3D printers to Virtual Reality, from dinosaurs to ghostbusters, you’re bound to find something you will love!

There are many Virtual Reality options and we are proud to say we tried them all ๐Ÿ™‚

There are also 3D printers and a pretty cool way for kids to understand the 3D printing technique: they get to build a minion with a 3D printing technique!

The biggest winner was Ghostbusters with experiments that propel a balloon to kill a ghost and with slime made from ghosts

Coding and robots were everywhere, as expected. There was even a poster on the wall ‘Keep calm and build robots’

Also Legos were present, although not as much as our kid would have loved to

There were also some good old experiments and microscopes

There was also an Elecrtricity Fairy!

Kids can also look for dinosaur fossils at the Jurassic Adventures

And then there is gaming (you can also lend your face to Mr Pacman!)

In some of the VR options, a third person can see what you see on a monitor

In other VRs you can choose to see Anglerfish (too scary according to our 5-year-old), turtles (just ok) or whales (too big)

There is also laser tag

You can fly a drone through loops (but only for 10+ years old to our disappointment). There are also tons of other activities that we didn’t have time to get to, although we spent the whole day there!

And then, as if all of the above are not enough, there is also a physics playground!

This is more suited to preschoolers, maybe 5+ years old. There are not many things that are targeted towards younger kids. We had our 2-year-old with us and the thing they found most interesting was the small playground! A science museum would be more suited to younger kids, as there are sections that are specifically designed for them. And of course a science museum is a great option for when the I Love Science festival is over ๐Ÿ™‚

Technopolis is an interactive and fun science center for kids with cool shows and demonstrations. This is easily one of the best indoor activities for kids!


An interactive and fun science center for kids with cool shows and demonstrations. This is easily one of the best indoor activities for kids!

Pass Science and Technology Museum is a fun, interactive and educational experience for all ages โ€“ even for adults!

Practical stuff:
*Free entrance!!
*CST required as of 12 years old. There is a testing center right at the entrance. Testing is free for 12-18 years old and EUR 15 for 18+ years old
*Stroller friendly and wheelchair friendly inside the building, but there are a few steps to enter
*Parking EUR 10 for the day at the opposite site of the street (about 50 meters away from the entrance)

I Love Science 2021
Brussels Expo (Palais 11)
Avenue de Miramar, entrรฉe D1
1020 Bruxelles


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