Ferris wheel, Marolles & Porte de Hal

Ferris wheel Brussels, Marolles and Porte de Hal

-A Ferris wheel at Place Polaert with a view over the city center and ice cream! Also the city elevator is right next to it! A walk in the charming Marolles neighborhood and a castle playground next to a medieval city gate
-The Ferris wheel is going to be there for the next 6 years, so you have plenty of time to go 😅 It is at Place Polaert
-It is 11 months at Place Polaert and 1 month at the Christmas market in Brussels
-55m above the ground and 200,000 led are lighting it
-There is also a wheelchair friendly gondola
-Ice cream at a little van right next to it (see pics)
-No reservation needed
-Cost: kids under 2 for free, 2-12 years old EUR 5.00, 12+ years old EUR 8
-You can read more about the wheel here (or contact them to rent your own Ferris wheel!) https://reuzenrad.events/
-There is also a city elevator right next to the wheel, it is called Ascenseur des Marolles (lift of the Marolles, the neighborhood around there). It opened in 2002
-Marolles is an up-and-coming neighborhood with an awesome vibe. There is a flea market at Place du Jeu de Balle, the central square, and lots of galleries around it. Rue Haute and Rue Blaes both lead to it. There’s a great little pedestrian street, Rue de Rollebeek, with great restaurants and terrasses (post coming soon)
-The Palace of Justice is rumored to be the largest building built in 19th century. It was built by architect Polaert. The square is named after him. The scaffolding on Palais de Justice has been there for over 40 years! The scaffolding was placed in 1984 to do renovation work that was never done 😅 Finally renovation work has begun and it’s expected to finish in 2030!
-Also Sablon is a great area to stroll around (post coming soon)
-Avenue Louise is a shopping street with tons of shops and lots of cafés and restaurants around it
-You can have a bagel at Atelier en Ville, the yard is like a small paradise in the city
L’Atelier en Ville
02 514 04 80
-Ice cream at the little van right next to the Ferris wheel
-Museum Porte de Hal is great, if you like medieval history. Porte de Hal was a city gate to the walls around Brussels (post coming soon)
Halle Gate
02 534 15 18
-Awesome playground nearby with a big castle structure right next to the museum (see photos, there will be a separate post as well soon)
Playground Jürgen Bergman
-Place Polaert is about 5 minutes by car from Schuman, Brussels (or 15 minutes by metro or half an hour walk)

Place Poelaert

Parking at Place Poelaert (underground parking, paid)
Interparking Brussels – Parking Poelaert
02 549 54 54