Domain Berinzenne

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-Forest and a small lake to walk around
-Museum of Forest and Water
-Arboretum with a panoramic tower
-Many trails start from here, from 2.6km to 12.4km (last pic for more details)
-Picnic tables
-Barbecue and many covered tables at the Rotonde (near the lake)
-Dogs allowed on a leash – but not in the museum
-Parking available
-Not really for sledding, but we did have fun with the sled anyway at some tiny slopes


About 1.5 hour drive from Schuman, Brussels (not reachable by public transport)

Domain Berinzenne
Bérinzenne 4, 4900 Spa
087 77 63 00
(link to the parking)





All places mentioned above are also gathered on the map!
Indoor and outdoor activities, kids friendly cafés/ restaurants, hotels and more all under separate layers


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