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De Steen Christmas walk

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Every year Den Overkant, a local committee in Zoersel, organizes a Christmas-themed walk with a story for young and old that evolves as you walk around the forest!

This year the Christmas story is titled ‘De Steen’, which translates to ‘The Stone’. It is about a fortune lost and gained back again. Our kids loved the cat and they spent most of the time trying to make it move with a rope. It was pretty difficult to continue the walk!

The amount of detail is astonishing!

The decorations are beautiful – and of course the cat helped! This year you can also contribute to the walk. Paint a stone and leave it there! NB: the stone needs to be smaller than 10cm, just in case you were planning to paint a Guernica 🙂

It’s pretty cool and all goes well in the end!!

There is also a nativity scene near the start of the walk

The shepherd’s dog is a funny detail at the nativity scene

Practical stuff:
*When: 06.12.2021-09.01.2022
*Where: Start of the walk is at Hererntalsebaan 161, 2980 Zoersel (parking around there is not allowed this year, see further below where to park)
*Cost: there is no set price for admission, but they do ask for voluntary donation at the end of the walk. The donations are collected in a piggy bank and the proceeds go towards organizing next year’s walk
*Covid Safe Ticket is not required, but everyone 6+ needs to wear a mask and keep safety distance during the walk
*Dogs allowed on a leash
*There is a toilet at the start of the walk
*There are information panels and a story with QR codes that is narrated (in Dutch only). You will get more out of the experience if you speak Dutch. You could Google translate the information panels
*You can follow the Facebook page of Den Overkant to get updates
*You can park here, it is 1km away:
Kapelstraat, 2980 Zoersel

You can check out the 2020 Christmas walk, Door Kabouterogen! It was beautiful and our community enjoyed it thoroughly!

You can park here (this is 1km away and parking at the streets around the start of the walk is not allowed):
Kapelstraat, 2980 Zoersel

Start of the walk:
Herentalsebaan 161, 2980 Zoersel

Christmas with kids in Belgium:
All you need to know

If you are wondering what to do in Belgium with the kids during Christmas holidays, then read on this guide with family friendly Christmas events! St Nicholas events, meet Santa, Christmas markets, tractor parades, light shows, Christmas brunches with kids, theater shows and concerts and more!

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