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-A stroller friendly walk around the lake Coo starting at the largest waterfall of Belgium, an amusement park, a train ride to a wildlife park, kayaking and an adventure park.. Tons of activities in the area!
-Coo waterfall is the largest natural waterfall in Belgium (15 meters)
-There is a stroller friendly walk of 6.5km around Coo on paved road (check last pic and check whether it is open, as it might be closed for building a dam). The walk is also available here to download:
-The walk is stroller friendly, wheelchair friendly if you stay on the paved road around the lake. There is a little steep staircase next to the dam, but you can skip it and go from the road. Also easy to do with a bike for kids or a roller
-There are 9 signposted hiking paths from 3km to 10.6km in the area (check last pics)
-There are many attractions for kids in the area, like Plopsa Coo, the amusement park
-You can combine it with the Wildlife Park in Coo. You get a train ride around the wildlife park, where you can feed lama, deer, goats and other animals
-There is also an adventure park for accrobranche and you can do kayaking at the river. Both are offered by Coo Adventure. You can find more details on these and on more activities offered here:
-Hot chocolate, coffee, beers, waffles and snacks – but also typical Belgian dishes, like carbonnade and vol au vent:
Val De La Cascade
Petit Coo, 4970 Stavelot
-Public toilets here (there is a sign, it costs EUR 1.00):
50°23’36.9″N 5°52’38.2″E
Grand Coo, 4970 Stavelot
-About 1.5 hour drive from Schuman, Brussels

-Parking (next to Val De La Cascade)
50°23’34.9″N 5°52’38.7″E
Petit Coo, 4970 Stavelot

-Bigger parking
50°23’37.0″N 5°52’40.4″E
Avenue Pierre Clerdent, 4970 Stavelot

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