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Château de Vêves with Kids | Treasure Hunt and Dressing up

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At Château de Vêves, one of the most beautiful medieval castles in Belgium, kids go on a treasure hunt dressed as knights or princesses!

Read on for practical details on how to visit with kids.

Château de Vêves – A Hidden Gem in the Heart of Belgium

Nestled amidst the verdant landscape of the Belgian Ardennes lies the enchanting Château de Vêves, a fairytale fortress that captures the imagination with its ethereal charm and timeless beauty.

Far from the bustling cities, this hidden gem offers an idyllic escape for those seeking a serene retreat infused with history, culture, and an air of mystery.

The nearest city is Dinant and we highly recommend visiting it, if you haven’t already. It’s one of our favorite places in Belgium. You get the cable car to the citadel and there’s a small playground there too.

Read our post on the best things to do in Dinant with kids and where to stay here.

Château de Vêves Treasure Hunt & Dressing up

Château de Vêves offers a plethora of engaging activities for children. The treasure hunt takes young adventurers on a quest throughout the castle’s grounds. Kids get dressed up as knights and princesses to embark on a journey through time.

A visit to Château de Vêves promises a day filled with adventure and exploration for the entire family, with its immersive experiences and captivating tales.

Our kids loved it!

Practical stuff

*You can find cost and book your visit here
*Extra EUR 2 cost per person for the treasure hunt
*Not stroller friendly, not wheelchair friendly
*Toilets available
*Only small dogs are allowed and need to be held throughout the visit. Big dogs that cannot be held are not allowed
*Parking available at the entrance to the castle


About 1 hour drive from Schuman, Brussels

Vêves Castle


Dinant with Kids | Best Things to Do | Where to Stay

Here’s a guide with the best things to do in Dinant with kids and where to stay. There are also amazing family activities around Dinant linked in the post.

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Walzin Castle

You cannot visit Walzin Castle, but there is a great hike around it! You can also just walk for 10-15 minutes to go to the viewpoint to admire it.

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Walzin castle

The spectacular Walzin castle and a 4.7 km hike passing by the Lesse river

Park Furfooz

Park Furfooz is an excellent family activity in the area with a short hike, Roman ruins and beautiful views.

Read our post on Park Furfooz here

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