Chasseurs Ardennais Friday Market

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Chasseurs Ardennais Friday Market

Every Friday there is a market at the Chasseurs Ardennais square with lots of colorful fruits and food from different countries. There is a small playground and a little water play area where kids are splashing. This used to be one of our favorite spots to enjoy a glass of wine and we’re enjoying it now with kids in a different way

It’s a nice place to enjoy a glass of wine and relax on the grass after the week is over

The playground has a wooden ship and is quite small, but it’s enough to keep kids happy. It can get crowded on a sunny day

There is also a little water play area, where kids are splashing (all year round!)

If you want to try cuisines from different countries, there are a lot of options. From Moroccan pastries to pastéis de nata, from Greek dishes to crêpes. We also like the Thai stand and especially the pad thai there

There are also a lot of fruits and flowers to buy

The market is open 14.00-20.00, but people tend to stay longer with their drinks when the weather is good

You can find parking in the streets nearby

This is a wheelchair friendly, stroller friendly activity

About 5 minutes drive from Schuman, Brussels (or 10 minutes by public transport)

Ardense Jagerspleinmarkt / Pl. des Chasseurs Ardennais
1030 Schaerbeek


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