Animal Park Coo

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Animal Park Coo

-A train ride around the wildlife park, where you can feed lama, deer, goats and other animals
-The train ride lasts about 40 minutes
-Perfect for younger kids that are happy just with the train ride
-The animals are really friendly and you can feed them from really close
-Definitely buy some corn when you pay for the tickets to feed the animals!
-You can leave the stroller at Coo Adventure
-Bring cash to pay for the tickets and the corn
-Cost: kids < 80cm free, kids 80cm-1m EUR 4.50 anyone 1m+ EUR 9.50
-For the train schedule, call at +32/
-Dogs are not allowed
-This is an activity that should be combined with another one, as it’s very short
-It can be combined with the waterfalls of Coo and you can do a hike around the lake (the hike is also stroller friendly, as the road is paved!). There are also lots of other activities, like kayaking and an adventure park, both offered by Coo Adventure
-There is also Plopsa Coo, the amusement park
-About 1.5 hour drive SE of Schuman, Brussels

Petit Coo 4, 4970 Stavelot

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