Adventure Park Wavre

Adventure Park Wavre

-Adventure Park Wavre offers tree top courses (accrobranche), jumps, zip lines, laser tag, and there is also a mini kids area for the youngest ones. It’s a great family activity that both parents and kids can enjoy!
-This is best for kids 5+ years old that can already do some tree top courses. There is a mini kids area for 4 year olds with a bouncing castle and a zip line, so they would have fun too. You can see a list of activities by age here
-You can organize birthday parties, bachelors and team building events
-There is a restaurant with a covered terrasse that offers sandwiches, burgers, pasta, drinks and snacks
-You need to wear sports shoes or walking boots, the rest of the gear is provided
-Open every weekend and school holidays
-You can see the prices here. Indicatively, a 5-9 year old would pay EUR 26 for the tree top courses. The entrance is paid for the day, so you can stay there as long as you want
-Not wheelchair friendly. You could go with a stroller and stay on the ground to watch your eldest climbing around
-Dogs are not allowed
-There is free parking
-About half an hour away SE of Schuman, Brussels (or about an hour away by public transport, the Wavre train station is 850m away)

Aventure Parc
Rue Sainte-Anne 152, 1300 Wavre


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