Weisser Stein Ski Resort, Germany

Weisser Stein Ski Resort is a great place for family fun in snow with a great slope for skiing and sledding, a small playground, a restaurant and a forest to enjoy nature even more

Here is a short video to see what it’s like

This is one of our happy places, so you will see photos from different years ­čÖé

It is a great place to have a snow fight!

There is an easy slope, 0.6km and a ski lift (the ski resort is closed for now due to the pandemic, so the lift is not operating)

There are also cross-country ski trails:
*Hollerath trail, 7.8 km (easy), 6.3 km with a shortcut
*Udenbreth cross-country ski trail – to the Wilsamtal 5.6 km (medium)
*The Losheimergraben district on the Belgian side offers also three cross-country trails

There is also forest right next to the slope, if you want to walk around and enjoy nature

There is an observation tower with a small climbing wall at one side

There is a small playground near the parking

All in all, it’s a great place!

And we always leave tired and happy ­čÖé

We have seen also the best snowman ever here!

There is a restaurant next to the parking (only offers tea and coffee at the moment)

There is also a covered barbecue next to the playground – and someone had left a note that one of the grills was reserved with a beer on it!

You can stay at Hotel Restaurant Schr├Âder, which is on the Belgian side and just 4km away from the ski resort
Hotel Restaurant Caf├ę Schr├Âder
Losheimergraben 13, 4760 B├╝llingen

You could also stay at Haus Tiefenbach, which is about 10km away from the ski resort. There is a small playground and a small slope (perfect for younger kids!), also a pool and a sauna
Haus Tiefenbach
Trierer Str. 21, 4760 B├╝llingen

Practical stuff:
*Opening times: the ski resort is closed for now
*Cost: the ski resort is closed for now
*You can rent skis (not available for now)
*There is a restaurant / caf├ę next to the parking (they only offer tea or coffee for now)
*Stroller and wheelchair friendly
*Parking: there is a big parking available, it is open air and paid (pretty cheap)
Geb├╝hrenpflichtiger Parkplatz Wei├čer Stein
Am Wei├čen Stein 58, 53940 Hellenthal, Germany

About 2 hours drive from Schuman, Brussels (not easily reachable by public transport, about 5.5 hours)

Wei├čer Stein City – Skipiste/Boarding/Rodeln
Am Wei├čen Stein 29, 53940 Hellenthal, Germany


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