Almost Bison Farm

Almost Bison Farm 😅

-This was NOT planned
-Sometimes we get lost in the right direction!
-On our way from La Roche to Bastogne, found myself under a bridge, next to a field full of snowmen
-Two hikers were passing by, asked them about their hike
-Turns out they were hiking the Promenade des Bisons
-Here’s the hike, 11.2km, signposted with blue diamond…/promenade-des…/
-And we were 500m away from the farm with the bisons – which is closed
-So we went a bit further towards the forest, because forest
-And there they were, grazing through the snow
Bisons on the field
50°02’33.8″N 5°43’59.7″E
-Very nice walk in the forest there
-Fields full of snow and snowmen
Near 6600 Bastogne
-A bit further there is a slope for sledding as well (2.5km from the Bison Farm)
Small slope for sledding
Near 6600 Bastogne
-There is another slope for sledding at 700m from the farm (to the other direction of the bisons)
6600 Bastogne
-1hour 45min drive from Schuman, Brussels

The Bison Farm
Recogne, 6600 Bastogne
061 21 21 15