Almost Bison Farm

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This was NOT planned – sometimes we get lost in the right direction!

Promenade des Bisons
Here’s the hike, 11.2km, signposted with a blue diamond…/promenade-des…/

Here are the bisons
Bisons on the field
50°02’33.8″N 5°43’59.7″E
A very nice walk in the forest there


A bit further there is a slope for sledding as well (2.5km from the Bison Farm)
Small slope for sledding

There is another slope for sledding at 700m from the farm (to the other direction of the bisons)
Slope for sledding

Fields full of snow and snowmen (no slope, but great for snowman building!)


About 1 hour 45min drive from Schuman, Brussels

The Bison Farm
Recogne, 6600 Bastogne
061 21 21 15





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