Vrijbroekpark – Flor’s tree

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Vrijbroek – Flor’s Christmas tree 🌲🌲🌲

-Christmas walk in Vrijbroekpark, Mechelen
-Flor wants a real Christmas tree, so he decides to look for one in the park
-He is meeting animals along the way that help him
-Christmas trees that work like arrows show the way
-You can start the walk at the information center every day at 08.30-15.00
-The organizers recommend that if you see that it is busy, wait a bit to start the walk
-No need to register
-Stroller friendly
-Toilets at the information center
-There is parking inside the park, not many places
-The link will take you to the main entrance, enter by car for the parking
-Dutch is not necessary to follow the path, but your experience will be enriched if you speak Dutch. For example, the bird tells you to take a piece of string (which you will need to hang your ornament on the tree)
-There is also a very nice playground at the other side of the park (more about it in another post)
-25′ drive from Schuman, Brussels

Ridder Dessainlaan 65, 2800 Mechelen
015 45 13 80

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